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NP is clear and good. Mumme: Modernised Shopping Comfort with a Wider Selection 23


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NP is clear and good. Mumme: Modernised Shopping Comfort with a Wider Selection

The new shopping experience will provide residents of the Mieste district with more options, so they may look forward to that. After undergoing considerable remodelling, the building that had housed the NP shop in Wilhelmstraße 63 is now home to a cutting-edge no & gut store:

On Thursday, April 27, at seven in the morning, the doors of the newly envisioned local supplier will officially open for business. Now, the group that revolves around the independent EDEKA

merchant Thomas Mumme places an even greater emphasis on locally sourced items, a wide variety of freshly cut fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, sausage and baked goods that customers may help themselves to.

Since 1994, the NP market has been active, and the facility did not satisfy the standards of the modern market. As a result of the relocation of his store to its current location,

Thomas Mumme and the other ten members of his store staff are excited to meet and serve new customers at their newly renovated no & gut store. Because of the remodelling, the store is now in an excellent position for the future, which ensures that the supply will always be available in Mieste.

A more contemporary retail environment with increased selection, quality, and service.

The new no & gut store is approximately 500 square metres in size, and it has around 10,000 different products available for purchase.

The emphasis is placed on variety as well as freshness, particularly in the significantly larger fruit and vegetable section of the store. In addition, there is a large assortment of meat and banger products, as well as dairy goods, all of which are available for self-service.

Customers will be able to find numerous regional products on the shelves, such as products from the Kelles soup manufactory, in addition to branded goods, EDEKA’s own brands, and organic products from Alnatura.

These products can be found in addition to many others. The no & gut store is convincing because to its modern and clear furniture, nice lighting, subtle colours, and an expansion of the product selection. It provides shopping comfort in a feel-good atmosphere that is accessible to people of all generations.

Global Supermarket News

Transformation of the discount sales channel for NP products The EDEKA Minden-Hannover NP discount sales channel will be constantly converted into EDEKA or no & gut outlets by the year 2026.

The objective is to transform a sizeable portion of the 330 stores, each of which is typically less than 1,000 square metres in size and is located in one of the many tiny sections in the sales area, into dependable and appealing local suppliers, so improving their economic standing and ensuring that jobs will be available for as long as feasible. For the purpose of this conversion,

EDEKA Minden-Hannover has designed a small-area idea that corresponds to it. This includes outfitting the stores with appealing shopfitting components and providing a greatly enlarged product range

(from approximately 6,500 products at the present time to over 10,000 items in the future) that will include the EDEKA variety. Approximately two-thirds of the NP stores that are open today have been turned into no & gut stores. Approximately one third is sent to EDEKA’s retail locations.

The new no & gut market at Wilhelmstraße 63 is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., providing customers with sufficient time to browse in an unhurried manner.


NP is clear and good. Mumme: Modernised Shopping Comfort with a Wider Selection

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