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NHS Worker George Critchley Becomes Aldi’s Crisp Taster

George Critchley, a 38-year-old NHS employee from Sheffield, is Aldi’s Crisp Taster. The nationwide competition winner will be responsible for reviewing Aldi’s crisp range and giving feedback to the supermarket’s buying team.

George Critchley: Aldi’s Crisp Taster

George Critchley could not be more pleased with himself after he was made an official taste tester of Aldi brand chips. According to George, though his taste testing might not seem like much in comparison with other people who love fried potatoes as much as he does; however this feedback would help shape what types of flavors were going into them next time around – something that all lovers can appreciate equally! So if anyone else out there shares this passion then please do let us know because we need your input too!

But George didn’t stop at just being passionate about crisps; he also had an eye for detail which impressed judges during his wedding day where every table was named after different brands such as Wotsits or Discos among others thereby revealing how deep-seated this particular obsession runs within him– talk about commitment right?

From NHS to Crisp Tasting

As a Digital Services Designer for the NHS, George has always found it difficult balancing work and life. However nothing would ever come between him and his beloved snacks because even when he isn’t busy helping sick people get better or saving lives at hospital; there is still time left over in which one may go jogging or cook dinner depending on their mood but either way both these activities should only serve as appetizers before indulging oneself with some good old greasy potato sticks especially since they’re Anna’s favorite food too – talk about killing two birds with one stone! And speaking of Anna (his wife) well she couldn’t be happier about husband getting new job involving eating tons more junk which means even less cupboard space for her things so now where will she keep everything? And let’s not forget what mother-in-law said when she found out about this… “well I suppose it could always go on Georges CV”

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