New EDEKA campaign shows: More sustainability in shopping doesn’t have to be expensive.

March 21, 2023

New EDEKA campaign shows: More sustainability in shopping doesn’t have to be expensive

From the 20. In March starts EDEKA’s new sustainability campaign. The associated TV spot shows a ballerina who playfully dances through the market on top shoes. The core message: Just as easily as the ballerinas, EDEKA customers can keep their ecological footprint small. Because offering more sustainable foods at a reasonable price is especially important for EDEKA. This is underlined by the tag-on of the spot with weekly changing offers from the organic brand range. The 20 second TV spot can be found here.

Only recently has EDEKA expanded its brand campaign “We Love Food” to include the communication platform “United in the Heart”. Their core message: EDEKA combines supposed contradictions – namely, on the one hand, quality, pleasure, sustainability, as well as a wide range and, of the other, affordable prices. For those who shop at EDEKA do not have to decide, but get all the benefits combined under one roof. An important point when it comes to eco-friendly shopping, as your own diet is a crucial lever for more sustainability in everyday life. Faced with rising costs in many areas of life, consumers are currently paying more attention to the price when shopping. This is where EDEKA starts with its sustainability campaign. The focus is on the price-attractive organic own brands in all assortments as well as the long-standing partnership with WWF.

“As a food retailer, we are the interface to 12 million customers every day. We take this responsibility very seriously. We therefore want to make it as easy as possible to choose more sustainable foods when shopping – and that at a low price. Our partnership with WWF provides us with the essential guidelines and clear targets,” says Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDEKA ZENTRALE Stiftung & Co. KG.

Together with WWF, the EDEKA association has been working since 2009 to preserve the Earth’s natural resources and to inspire more and more customers for more sustainable products and sustainable consumption. More than 500 branded products meet the environmental standards of WWF and are allowed to wear the WWF panda on their packaging – a clear guidance for EDEKA customers. In order to even more in the future, the partners have extended the successful cooperation by another ten years with the aim of making supply chains and thus the supply of people and markets even more environmentally friendly and secure in the long run. Net Brands Discount and Budni are also part of the pioneering partnership.

EDEKA combines sustainability with good prices

The TV spot will be broadcast nationally over a period of ten weeks on high-range broadcasters with a high primetime proportion. For the creation, EDEKA has again collaborated with the creative agency Jung von Matt. In addition to the spot, the message of the sustainability campaign is brought to consumers through all the communication channels of the company such as social media, digital newsletters, print and, of course, on the POS: at EDEKA, everyone can “easy” reduce their ecological footprint by purchasing sustainable products – and that at good prices. In addition, enjoyable inspirations are provided by the outdoor advertising that starts in early April. On handbags, posters and posters, the WWF panda looks at a pile of pancakes that have been enchanted with the Panda logo from the sustainable organic own brands.