Netto Marken-Discount relies on its own regional HEIMAT brand for fruit and vegetables

September 20, 2022

Netto Marken-Discount relies on its own regional HEIMAT brand for fruit and vegetables


Maxhütte-Haidhof, September 2022: Regional and seasonal: The new own brand HEIMAT from Netto Marken-Discount stands for fruit and vegetables with short transport routes directly from producers in the region. With the introduction of the new Netto private label, the food retailer is consistently expanding its regional assortment strategy and thus strengthening cooperation with local farmers. The new private label range HEIMAT will be introduced nationwide in the fruit and vegetable range from September 5th to October 1st, 2022 as part of the net regionality campaign. All items are available in around 4,280 Netto Marken-Discount branches nationwide.


Especially in times of rising inflation and energy shortages, seasonal groceries are a good choice for price-conscious shopping. The Federal Center for Nutrition also recommends paying attention to seasonal goods for price-sensitive purchases of fruit and vegetables*.

Enjoy fresh and seasonal
From now on, the new Netto own brand HEIMAT offers a range that is regionally and seasonally oriented: Because depending on the respective season, the fruit and vegetable varieties in the branch come from producers in the surrounding area. This means that the Netto own brand has positioned itself across product groups in the regional segment. In addition, cooperation with local farmers is being expanded in the long term, thus also promoting the local economy. Netto pays attention to regular quality controls and thus guarantees high quality standards. In addition, the food retailer relies on transparency: customers can use well-known seals, such as the regional window, to find out more about their fruit and vegetables.

Regionality at Netto
Fresh food from the region traditionally has a high priority at Netto Marken-Discount. With the continuous expansion of the regional range, Netto is strengthening the long-standing partnership with partners from the region: numerous producers, farmers, bakeries, breweries and mineral springs are part of the regional network at Netto.

Net regionality campaign
The net regionality campaign is accompanied by numerous online and offline communication measures and is all about the producers. Using the example of eleven farmers, the grocer shows what regionality means for the new own brand “Heimat”: customers can find out, for example, who planted their tomatoes where and how they will receive this information themselves in the future. In addition to displays, posters and showcases in the branches, customers are also informed with flyers and nationwide large-scale advertising. The campaign will also be played on the social media channels