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With NATURKIND wheat flour available, Netto supports the “Agriculture for Biodiversity” programme. New and sustainable


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With NATURKIND wheat flour available, Netto supports the “Agriculture for Biodiversity” programme. New and sustainable

To further protect species

November 2022, Maxhütte-Haidhof: In the past 30 years, over 40% species native insects have either gone extinct or become quite rare. The “Agriculture for Biodiversity” (LfA) programme is supported by Netto Marken-Discount to encourage the use of animal and plant life in German agriculture.

Beginning this fall, the supermarket will sell wheat flour from the LfA-certified organic specialist brand NATURKIND in its branches in northern Germany.

This flour is sourced from producers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, and Thuringia.

Important environmental conservation strategies are used in these operations to encourage biodiversity and, for instance, allow up to four times as many butterflies on the clover fields.

More diversity means more sustainability
The Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape and the WWF

Research (ZALF) eV and organic farming associations, such as the co-founder Biopark, Netto Marken-Discount is committed to protecting and promoting wild animal and plant species in the German agricultural landscape.

Whether gentle soil cultivation to protect wild herbs and insects, open fields with wild flowers that provide food for field birds and insects, or overgrown ditch edges for amphibians and structures such as hedges and coppice for hares and field birds: the heart of the program are committed organic farms that provide additional nature conservation services provide in order to produce species-protecting. The basis for this is an operationally variable nature conservation module as an additional qualification for organic farming.

In addition to its national LfA products apple juice and apples, Netto is now regionally expanding its sustainable range to include NATURKIND flour for more protection of species: The participating companies in which NATURKIND wheat flour type 550 is produced rely, for example, on diverse crop rotations, flower strips in grain, Species-rich grassland as well as protected areas and light fields for wild herbs to provide food for insects and thus also for field birds such as the skylark. In cereal cultivation, measures such as leaving stubble are also included so that insects can overwinter in the stalks and in the soil.

With these nature conservation measures, the farmers are taking an important step beyond organic cultivation and are thus producing high-quality organic flours with species protection plus.

Organic? Logical!
Customers are increasingly opting for organic items on the shelves. According to the current eco-barometer of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, this trend will continue in the future: 47 percent of those surveyed want it often (41 percent) or exclusively (6 percent).

Buy items from organic production.* Price-sensitive consumers are increasingly preferring the organic discount range.

The portfolio brand NATURKIND stands for the highest quality standards in ecological production. NATURKIND wheat flour type 550 bears not only the well-known organic seals, but also the WWF panda** and the green origami bird for the “Agriculture for Biodiversity” program: This signals to customers that, in addition to organic farming, additional environmental measures for more species protection are taken into account during production.

With NATURKIND wheat flour available, Netto supports the "Agriculture for Biodiversity" programme. New and sustainable


NATURKIND wheat flour type 550


  • Organic certified
  • Bears the WWF** panda logo
  • Bears the LfA logo: for more protection of species on domestic agricultural land
  • available in selected branches in northern Germany
  • Content: 1000 g
  • Price: 1.69 euros

In addition to the regionally listed LfA flour, Netto sells organically produced apple juice nationwide as well as organic table apples with the LfA logo to support biodiversity in the German agricultural landscape.

Strong brand in a strong range
With the introduction of the NATURKIND articles in April 2022, Netto stands out from the competition with the continuous expansion of its organic portfolio: NATURKIND offers a high-quality and inexpensive organic specialist brand alternative with holistic sustainability standards at a reasonable level.

Do-gooder: NATURKIND items are produced in harmony with nature, animals and people and come 100 percent from controlled ecological agriculture

*Source: ÖKO-Barometer 2021, BMEL (02/15/2022): https://www.bmel.de/DE/themen/landwirtschaft/oekologischer-landbau/oekobarometer2021.html

**What is the panda doing on Netto products?
Netto and WWF want to motivate consumers to choose more sustainably produced products.

With the WWF Panda, Netto also uses the WWF Panda to label its own brand products that meet recognized standards (EU organic seal, MSC, FSC or Blue Angel) and are certified accordingly by independent testing organizations.

In the case of organic products with the Panda logo on the packaging, the WWF also checks the regional water and country-specific social situation.

Net brand discount in profile:
With over 4,280 branches, around 81,800 employees, 21 million customers a week and sales of 14.7 billion euros, Netto Marken-Discount is one of the leading companies in the food retail industry.

With around 5,000 items and a focus on fresh products, Netto Marken-Discount has the largest selection of groceries in the discount landscape. As a premium partner of the free DeutschlandCard, Netto customers benefit from the multi-partner bonus program with every purchase.

Assuming responsibility is part of the net corporate culture – the trading company focuses on four main areas: Social and social commitment, fair cooperation, careful use of resources and the orientation of the purchasing strategy towards sustainability aspects.

Netto is a partner of WWF Germany: in addition to expanding and promoting the more sustainable private label range, Netto is also working on eight key areas to further reduce its own ecological footprint.

With more than 5,480 trainees, the company is also one of the most important training companies in the German retail sector and prefers to fill management positions with committed talent from within its own ranks.



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