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MY24 updates for the 7, 8 and 9 Series Tractors are announced by John Deere.


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MY24 updates for the 7, 8 and 9 Series Tractors are announced by John Deere.

In order to better position its 7, 8, and 9 Series Tractors for the coming era of precision agriculture, John Deere has announced MY24 updates. The new StarFireTM 7000 integrated GPS position receiver and the brand-new G5Plus CommandCenterTM Display are significant updates. Both will be provided as standard tools.

In order to help our customers today achieve the highest levels of precision-ag efficiency and ease-of-use while making sure their tractors are ready to work autonomously in the future years, we updated our largest John Deere tractors with new technology, according to Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere.

In comparison to earlier versions using SF3 signal, the StarFire 7000 Receiver has five years of repeatability, 73% faster pull-in times, and is 17% more accurate when using SF-RTK. Additionally, signal stability and reliability were enhanced, offering John Deere’s highest level of guidance and accuracy ever. Farmers can replicate their measurements year after year with SF-RTK without the use of base stations.

The brand-new G5Plus CommandCenter Display (and optional G5Plus Extended Monitor) can be found inside the cab and offers farmers a larger screen, more processing power, and quicker file transfers than previous displays. The G5Plus offers a 1080p high-definition video resolution and a 35% larger viewing area.

Farmers have clear, bright, and simple access to machine controls thanks to the 12.8-inch touchscreen monitor and higher video resolution. Section Control and AutoTracTM guidance are now part of the standard equipment.

Farmers who want to use John Deere apps like AutoTrac Turn Automation, AutoPathTM, AutoTrac Implement Guidance, Machine Sync, and In-Field Data Sharing can purchase the optional G5 Advanced bundle, according to Jardon. “The G5 Advanced software license offers these advantageous features at a reduced initial cost, improves over time, and you only pay for what your farm requires. These tools save farmers time and worry while enabling them to cover more acres per day. The factory offers the G5 Advanced package as a one- or three-year choice.farmers using G5Plus can rest easy knowing they’re always utilizing the most cutting-edge features.

The factory-installed implement ethernet is another feature that John Deere is offering. Future high-bandwidth communication between tractors and implements is made possible by this new connection.

Additionally, John Deere provides an Autonomy Prep package for its 8 and 9 Series Tractors, ensuring that these vehicles have the current parts required for automated operation in the future.

This entails the proper transmission and visibility package, ethernet implementation, a 330-amp alternator, and other hardware, according to Jardon. “More components will probably be required, but the Autonomy Prep package equips these tractors with important known autonomy components to reduce what may be needed in the future when autonomy becomes more accessible,” the authors write.

All 7, 8 and 9 Series Tractor cabs now have a new right-hand cornerpost display. To ensure that these tractors can benefit from cutting-edge features as they become available, the simple-to-read display includes digital readouts and an illustration area. For John Deere CommandViewTM 4 cabs, a factory-installed rear-window tint is additionally available to help keep operators comfortable and improve visibility of display screens on the sunniest of days.

All 9RT two-track tractors now have an additional 20 horsepower, among other upgrades. The 9RT 490, 9RT 540, or 9RT 590 are now available to farmers.

Wider track-spacing options have been added by John Deere to its line of 8RX four-track tractors for potato, sugar beet, and vegetable growers.

These include track spacings that are 132, 136, 144, or 152 inches wide. The wider spacings work with John Deere ExactRateTM fertilizer tanks and track widths of 16.5-, 18-, 24-, and 30-inches.

For the 7, 8, and 9 Series Tractors, there are additional model year updates and options available. Visit JohnDeere.com or speak with a John Deere dealer near you to find out more.



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