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Morrisons lowers prices on more than 50 well-liked Christmas items.


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Morrisons lowers prices on more than 50 well-liked Christmas items.

At this time of year, sales of the products mentioned typically increase by over 50%. Morrisons is investing over £3 million in the reduction.

In an effort to boost sales as Christmas gets closer, Morrisons is slashing the cost of 52 holiday items and vowing to maintain the reduced rates through the end of the year.

Stuffing, tin foil, and cranberry sauce are just a few of the products on the list that have an average sales increase of more than 50% from mid-November through Christmas compared to the rest of the year.

The slices also include the essential components for making festive bakes like mincemeat, sultanas, glacé cherries, and pastry – along with the cream to serve them with. Sweet desserts like mince pies and trifles are also included.

Prawns, dips, and flavor-infused cheeses are among the additional chilled goods. Cut roast potatoes, carrots, and sprouts are among the freezer favourites.

Customers may avoid any Christmas Day catastrophes by storing up on batteries now as packs of AA and AAA versions are included in the price reductions, along with other pantry staples like peanuts and jam.

The 150 prices that Morrisons cut and frozen in September on pantry essentials and regularly purchased items like chicken breasts, mince, bread, baked beans, chopped tomatoes, potatoes, and a variety of fruit and vegetables are in addition to the festive price reduction that are in effect today.

Toilet paper, cereal, and frozen goods including fish fingers, chips, and pizzas were all reduced in price and are still available at the cheaper rates.

“These holiday price reduction are on the essential seasonal products that we know people buy more of at this time of year because of the significant role they play in Christmas celebrations,” said David Potts, Chief Executive of Morrisons.

We are working hard to assist our clients with their holiday grocery shopping because we recognise that they currently have to make difficult decisions about what to put in their baskets.

Morrisons lowers prices on more than 50 well-liked Christmas items.


Other recent initiatives that have been implemented to assist customers with the cost of living include the introduction of exclusive offers to My Morrisons members and the continuation of the Kids Eat Free All Day initiative in Morrisons cafés.

These measures join price reductions as ways to help customers. For qualified My Morrisons members, the Morrisons Christmas Collector programme went live this week. If customers complete the requirements and buy during the designated weeks, they will earn a sizable money-off certificate to use at Christmas.


Morrisons AA Battery 12 pack£7.00£2.99
Morrisons Mincemeat 822g£2.49£1.89
Morrisons Cocktail Prawns 300g£4.69£3.99
Morrisons Frozen Roast Potatoes 1kg£1.65£0.99
Morrisons Shortcrust Mince Pies 6 pack£1.75£1.25
Morrisons Dry Roasted Peanuts 450g£1.75£1.59
Morrisons Puff Pastry Sheets 375g£1.49£1.25
Morrisons Yorkshire Wensleydale with Cranberries 200g£2.19£1.75
Morrisons Kitchen Foil 300 mm wide 10 Metres£1.90£1.55
Morrisons Cranberry Sauce 200g£1.09£0.59
Morrisons Sage & Onion Stuffing 170g£0.59£0.55
Morrisons Raspberry Trifle 600g£2.79£2.49

Customers will be informed of Morrisons’ holiday price reductions via TV, radio, print, digital displays, social media, and out-of-home advertising in addition to email and internet activity. The cuts are available online and in each of Morrisons’ 498 supermarkets.




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