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Morrisons’ Holiday Savings: Lower Prices on Festive Favorites for a Budget-Friendly Christmas


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Morrisons’ Holiday Savings: Lower Prices on Festive Favorites for a Budget-Friendly Christmas

Morrisons has unveiled a fantastic holiday season offer that’s sure to put a smile on shoppers’ faces. They’re pulling out all the stops by reducing the prices on 58 beloved festive items, and they’re committed to keeping those lower prices in effect until the year’s end. This thoughtful move allows customers to plan ahead, stock up, and distribute the costs of their Christmas grocery shopping over time.

The range of price reductions covers key holiday essentials, such as stuffing, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, and tin foil. Morrisons is going the extra mile by investing more than £4 million to bring these prices down, resulting in an average reduction of nearly 20% from current prices. These particular items have been chosen because of their immense popularity during the Christmas season last year, with sales soaring by over 90% throughout the festive period.

What’s more, the overall cost of all 58 items in Morrisons’ festive basket is nearly £2 less than what it would have been during Christmas 2022, even considering the significant inflation we’ve seen over the past year.

These discounted prices aren’t limited to just your holiday dinner, though. Shoppers can also enjoy lower prices on a range of beverages and snacks, including Bucks Fizz, tonic, and peanuts. Additionally, kitchen essentials like aluminum foil and napkins are on sale. The savings extend to ingredients needed for seasonal baking, such as mincemeat, sultanas, pastry, and cream.

But that’s not all. In addition to these holiday discounts, Morrisons recently implemented 62 more price cuts on various items like chicken wings, frozen chips, bread, and smoked fish. These prices will remain low for at least eight weeks, reinforcing Morrisons’ commitment to consistently offering over 1,000 reduced and locked-in prices each week.

Rachel Eyre, Morrisons‘ Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, recognizes that Christmas can be a financially challenging time for many. She stated, “We know that Christmas is an expensive time of year, and that our customers are having to make tough choices about what to put in their baskets. We are working hard to help them when it comes to their festive grocery shopping and want to protect them from rising costs. So, despite the significant inflation we have seen over the last twelve months, our basket of 58 festive items is cheaper than it was in 2022.” In essence, Morrisons is on a mission to ease the financial burden of the holiday season and ensure that customers can enjoy their festivities without worrying about the cost. It’s truly a win-win for shoppers.

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