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Morrisons Petrol prices were cut to help customers save money.


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Morrisons Petrol prices were cut to help customers save money.

Morrisons is coming to the rescue of customers who want to save on their fuel costs this October. They’ve rolled out an enticing offer: a 5p per liter discount at their gas stations. Here’s how it works: From Monday, October 16th, to Sunday, October 22nd, any shopper who spends £35 at Morrisons will receive a special coupon that grants them this valuable fuel discount. What’s even better is that this offer is open to all Morrisons customers, whether they prefer shopping in-store, online, or utilizing the convenient Click & Collect service.

This coupon can be conveniently redeemed at any Morrisons petrol station, and you have until Monday, October 30th, to take advantage of it. The fuel discount is just one part of Morrisons’ ongoing effort to help customers make their money go further.

In a smart move last September, Morrisons initiated a significant price reduction on over 170 items throughout their stores. Additionally, they introduced the “More Month” program, which provides customers with an excellent opportunity to enjoy substantial savings, earn extra More Card points, and gain access to exclusive deals as part of the More Card loyalty program.

Speaking of the More Card, Morrisons introduced it earlier this year to shower its customers with even more benefits. With this card, you can earn five More Points for every liter of fuel you purchase at Morrison’s petrol filling stations. But the rewards don’t stop there. You can also accumulate more points when you shop for selected in-store products, make purchases at petrol filling station kiosks, or even shop online. When you’ve stacked up 5,000 points, a delightful surprise awaits you: a ‘Morrisons Fiver’ that can be used in-store or online, effectively putting money back in your pocket.

Rachel Eyre, the Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Morrisons, emphasized the importance of these offers, saying, “We understand that fuel costs can be a significant expense for many households, so this offer is designed to help stretch budgets. In addition to the 5p per liter discount, More Card customers will still earn their usual five points for every liter of fuel, helping them accumulate points for Morrisons Fivers.”

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the £35 customer spend required for this offer doesn’t include specific items, such as fuel, tobacco, tobacco-related products (including vapes), lottery products, Morrisons café, gift vouchers, infant/formula milk, cash back, dry cleaning, fireworks, online games, and instant tickets, photo printing, saver stamps, postage stamps, ‘top-up’ mobile phone cards, delivery charges/pass, garden center, and pharmacy (where applicable).

Morrisons boasts a vast network of 340 filling stations across the UK, making it convenient for customers to access this offer. For a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions, please refer to the provided link. And remember, this offer is not applicable to franchised Morrisons Daily petrol stations. It’s all part of Morrisons’ ongoing commitment to helping you save money and make the most of your shopping experience.

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