More people enjoy afternoon tea on Mother’s Day than breakfast in bed.

March 16, 2023

More people enjoy afternoon tea on Mother’s Day than breakfast in bed.


British kids have been making their mothers breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day for decades, but now making afternoon tea is a more popular way to show appreciation.

As Mother’s Day approaches, almost six times as many people are looking on for Mother’s Day afternoon tea ideas and goods than for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed ideas.

“The trend began last year,” said Lauren Mountford, who buys cakes for Waitrose. We saw that more people looked for “Mother’s Day afternoon tea” than “breakfast in bed.” People made last-minute plans to treat their moms over Mother’s Day weekend and bought a lot of cakes and cream from us through Deliveroo.

“Afternoon tea is safer than breakfast in bed, which could lead to spilled milk, crumbs in the sheets, and hot cups of tea that get knocked over.”

Last Mother’s Day weekend, Deliveroo customers who ordered from Waitrose bought 400% more meringues, 264% more whipped cream, 245% more Victoria sponge, 265% more lemon drizzle cake, 263% more mini flapjacks, and 245% more mini chocolate brownies.

Most moms still think that breakfast in bed is a nice treat, but a test of 1,000 moms with kids between the ages of 5 and 18 that was done by Waitrose Weekend found that 40% of them would rather have breakfast at a table. Only 29% said they would rather have breakfast brought to them in bed, and 4% said they wouldn’t want their children to make them breakfast.

One in four moms said that their kids watch them eat breakfast, and 22% said that their kids join in and eat it too. The little ones don’t always hit the mark, though. More than a fifth of moms said they had been given food with bites taken out of it, 20% had been given sweets for breakfast, and others had been given fake or toy food, cake, chips, or even sandwiches.

Fourteen percent had smiled through “inedible or unidentifiable” food, and when we asked about the weirdest things they’d been brought for breakfast in bed, answers included “a cucumber” and “a single After Eight chocolate.”

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