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Mondi celebrates eight WorldStar Awards for outstanding packaging solutions


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  • The WorldStar Global Packaging Awards are the most prestigious global packaging competition, recognising the best industry innovations from across the world
  • Mondi wins eight awards this year, highlighting the Group’s sustainable packaging solutions and commitment to creating circularly driven solutions

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper solutions, has received eight awards in five categories at this year’s WorldStar Global Packaging Awards. The WorldStar Awards recognize the best ideas, innovations, and technologies on the market, with a focus on sustainability, product protection, and end-user convenience. They are open to entries from packaging companies around the globe.

We are very proud to have our sustainable and innovative packaging solutions recognized. Together with our valued customers, we work hard to create distinctive solutions that serve societal needs, and receiving prestigious awards like these is incredibly satisfying for our hard-working teams! We are already excited about making many more of our ideas a reality over the next year.

Markus Gaertner, CEO, Mondi Corrugated Packaging

We are honored to be recognized by the WorldStar Awards. Our award-winning products illustrate Mondi’s commitment to developing packaging that is sustainable by design. Our broad range of product innovations helps our customers reach their sustainability goals, since we always evaluate what the best solution is for our customers, our planet, and the end-user. Using paper where possible and plastic when useful, we are determined to make packaging part of a circular economy.

Thomas Ott, CEO, Mondi Flexible Packaging

Mondi’s 2023 WorldStar Award winners are:

Monoformable PP, category: food
RetortPouch Recyclable, category: food
EasyTray, category: Fresh fruits and vegetables
NoTamperBox, category: ecommerce
Corrugated-board Wedge, category: transit
TrapezeBox, category: food
Turbocharger, category: transit
Eco Multi Rack, category: other

The Awards Ceremony and Gala Event for the 2023 WorldStar Packaging Awards will be held in May in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Further details on the award-winning packaging innovations:

Monoformable PP

Mono-formable PP is a recyclable,, high-barrier modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solution created from mono-material polypropylene (PP). Featuring a printed top web and a complementary thermoformable semi-rigid bottom web, the fully recyclable packaging weighs around 30% less than a comparable polyester (PET) tray at the same thickness while offering the same high level of product protection. The innovative solution can substitute the industry standard of multi-material,, non-recyclable PET trays and is recyclable in existing recycling streams for mixed polyolefins.


RetortPouch Recyclable

RetortPouch Recyclable is able to withstand high temperatures during the retort process used in food preparation and is suitable for a wide range of applications in the ready-made food and pet food industries. It is made of polypropylene (PP)-based mono-material, offers exceptional shelf life,, and reduces potential food waste. Innovative packaging can replace complex multilayer unrecyclable packaging that uses aluminum or metallized layers to provide high-barrier food protection. The new mono-material retort packaging is fully recyclable, offering a solution that protects the product, provides exceptional shelf life for a mono-material solution,, and reduces potential food waste.


EasyTray offers protection and great presentation for fresh food produce. Easy to use on manual and automated filling lines, EasyTray contributes to a longer product shelf life and sustainable consumer choices by supporting the trend for smaller portions while avoiding food waste.


We designed the Mondi NoTamperBox to protect the security of products during transportation. The packaging design uses edge locks, and its easy wrap-around structure stops any tampering or damage to the product.

Corrugated-board Wedge

Our 100% reusable and recyclable corrugated-board wedge helps our customers store and transport their paper reels safely. It is a convenient and light-weight solution that prevents people from from getting splinters from wooden alternatives.


This corrugated packaging box has been specifically designed for cheese products. The TrapezeBox is sustainable, stands out from the crowd at the point of sale,, and offers an optimal display function. The new and improved one-piece packaging can be erected by machine, thus saving time and manual labor.


Working closely with Volvo, we created a corrugated packaging solution that safely and sustainably transports turbochargers. The customized cardboard interior has a unique composition that makes the cardboard stronger, more compact,, and ideal for transporting sensitive components despite its lightness. A turbocharger has been designed and entered into the competition in collaboration with APak AB.

Eco Multi Rack

Eco Multi Rack is a multifunctional, modular corrugated cardboard storage rack that can be configured to store store products of different sizes. Its individual elements can be easily adjusted and changed without the need to disassemble the entire rack.


Judith Wronn
Senior Communication Manager, Mondi Flexible Packaging & Engineered Materials
Tel: +49 151 177 14692
Email: judith.wronn@mondigroup.com

Bettina Pokorny
Communication Manager, Mondi Corrugated Packaging
Tel: +43 1 79013 4347
Email: bettina.pokorny@mondigroup.com

About WPO Awards

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of packaging institutes, associations, federations, and other interested parties, including corporations and trade associations. Its mission is “better quality of life through better packaging for more people”. WPO joins 66 different member countries. WPO rewards outstanding achievements in packaging innovation. The focus is on sustainable packaging solutions that achieve convenience for the end-user through innovation. The complete list of WorldStar Packaging Awards 2023 winners can be viewed at https://www.worldstar.org/winners

About Mondi

Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper, contributing to a better world by making innovative solutions that are sustainable by design. Our business is integrated across the value chain, from managing forests and producing pulp, paper, and films to developing and manufacturing sustainable consumer and industrial packaging solutions using paper where possible and plastic when useful.

Sustainability is at the center of our strategy, with our ambitious commitments to 2030 focused on circularly driven solutions created by empowered people and taking action on climate change. In 2021, Mondi had revenues of €7.0 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.2 billion from continuing operations, and it employed 21,000 people worldwide. Mondi has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange (MNDI), where the group is a FTSE100 constituent, and also has a secondary listing on JSE Limited (MNP).


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