Minden-Hannover EDEKA presented the Friesische Klootschießerverband with 2,000 euros.

March 14, 2023

Minden-Hannover EDEKA presented the Friesische Klootschießerverband with 2,000 euros.

By using the Auricher Boßler-Schorle, it’s simple to have fun while also doing good. The cool drink has only been available in East Friesland and its neighboring EDEKA markets since April 2018. EDEKA retailers give the Friesian Shooter Association ten cents for each container sold. (FKV). The overall grant amount was increased by EDEKA Minden-Hannover to 2,000 euros. Helfried Götz, Chairman of the FKV, and Jan-Dirk Vogts were now given the contribution check by Marie Ubben, EDEKA Sales Manager.

Through a partnership between FKV, Auricher Süßmost GmbH, and EDEKA Minden-Hannover, the Boßeler-Schorle was made possible. We’ve been collaborating closely with the Auricher Süßmost GmbH, a local traditional business, as well as the Fries Klootschießerverband for years. We are thrilled to be able to assist FKV with the donation once more, says Marie Ubben, EDEKA’s sales manager. EDEKA, the biggest grocery retailer, feels a strong connection to the area. East Friesland has a long history of bouldering and tennis. That’s something we’d like to promote,” says Marie Ubben. EDEKA Minden-Hannover most recently provided the FKV EM squad with brand-new competition attire for the impending European Championship in East Friesland next year.

It tastes like home

The apple-cheese-holunderberry-flavored spicy beverage is sold in a multi-use container and has a fruit content of 55% and no additives. The Boßler Schorle is one of many locally produced goods available in the marketplaces. EDEKA Minden-Hannover holds itself accountable for the Region and its residents, adhering to the guiding principle that “We labor ‘in the region for the region’ – for its people and on the side of its companies.