METRO wins three ICMA awards.

March 2, 2023

METRO wins three ICMA awards.


METRO won Gold, Silver, and an Award of Excellence at the 13th International Creative Media Award (ICMA) for MPULSE, Annual Report, and Gourmet Fair.



The International Creative Media Award (ICMA) has made a name for itself as a worldwide contest for magazines, books, and business designs. The ICMA’s objectives are to present an overview of modern graphic design, emphasise trends, and encourage the global exchange of innovative ideas. A total of 383 works from 23 different nations were evaluated by the international competition’s expert jury during the current competition.


In the category of “Customer magazines B2B print,” METRO’s MPULSE magazine’s print version took home gold. The Gourmet Festival powered by METRO AG earned an Award of Excellence in the category of “Campaigns for events,” and METRO AG’s online annual report won silver in the category of “Annual Reports Online”. For MPULSE, METRO has already won a silver medal. The business has now been able to build on this achievement by obtaining gold and two more awards.


In a number of areas, the print version of METRO’s MPULSE magazine stood out from the competition. The expert panel was especially impressed with MPULSE’s ability to focus on one subject on the cover and maintain this subject throughout the magazine. The articles are very simple to peruse, and the layout is unrestricted. The magazine frequently employs alternative story formats that break down subjects into different aspects and present them in a reader-friendly format as opposed to lengthy pieces. The use of images, drawings, and infographics is also excellent. The jury declared MPULSE to be a cutting-edge B2B publication.


The panel also gave high marks to METRO AG’s “Let’s do this” yearly report published online for 2020–21. The magazine has a laid-back and contemporary look thanks to the animated typography at the beginning of the annual report as well as the animated sales figures and navigation elements. The menu system is very simple and easy to use. In summary, web-based design tools are effectively utilised in the online yearly report.


The Gourmet Festival powered by METRO AG won first place in the newly created category “Campaigns for events” thanks to its “distinctive media-convergent design,” which the jury praised. By experimenting with roll-ups, picture walls, fence banners, invitation postcards, the MPULSE magazine, and social media activities, the campaign skillfully coordinates the content and design components. They work together to establish a recognisable brand. The effort is, all things considered, a superb standalone service that was honoured with an Award of Excellence.