METRO surpasses its electromobility goals.

February 24, 2023

METRO surpasses its electromobility goals.


Top spot in the EV100 Report 2023 for the development of the facilities for charging


The Climate Group, a nonprofit, established the international EV100 e-mobility programme in 2017. The initiative seeks to accelerate the switch to electric mobility in businesses and their fleets of company vehicles. Along with organisations like Ikea, Unilever, Deutsche Post DHL, and METRO AG, the initiative was founded by these businesses as well.


Very positive success is shown in the “EV100 Progress & Insights Report 2023,” which was released on February 20. Along with electrifying their vehicles, the initiative’s participating businesses are also steadily growing the infrastructure for charging: More than 209,000 electric vehicles and more than 20,000 charging stations have already been installed by the initiative’s 121 member businesses at 3,100 sites.


Third-placed METRO is a pioneer in the area of charging infrastructure in particular. By 2030, the business will have already accomplished its original goal of putting in 1,000 charging stations worldwide. And the goals are still lofty; in particular, huge investments are being made in the growth of the charging infrastructure in Spain, France, Italy, and Turkey. With the electrification of business cars, METRO is also making good progress; 10% of the corporate fleet globally and 21% in Germany are already electric vehicles. Not to mention, METRO’s delivery procedures are also on schedule. This year, additional delivery vehicles will be introduced in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, and Romania, joining the current e-trucks in Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands. Additionally, logistics must become carbon neutral by 2040 at the latest.


METRO France’s electric vehicle

At METRO, preserving the ecology and the climate are top priorities. Thus, the group established its own objectives in 2021 to continuously reduce its global CO2 footprint and to achieve full climate neutrality in its own business operations by 2040. This objective has recently been expanded to include the group’s own transport and delivery logistics. The business also wishes to contribute to the accomplishment of the global climate protection objectives. To achieve this, METRO will spend a total of more than €1 billion on numerous initiatives to improve energy efficiency, phase out fossil fuels, expand green energy sources, and use natural refrigerants instead of conventional ones for cooling. The company’s own business activities will significantly reduce CO2 as a result of the promotion of electric mobility, helping to meet climate protection goals.


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