METRO opens a brand-new frozen goods warehouse 3

April 18, 2023

METRO opens a brand-new frozen goods warehouse.

Early in April, METRO began operating its new logistics facility in the Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom.

Early in the month of April, METRO began the operations of its new logistics centre, which is located in the city of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands.

This facility manages the shipments of frozen items that are sourced from all over the world. This is the latest initiative taken by the multinational wholesaler to improve the effectiveness of its supply chain and to further harness the global sourcing expertise it possesses.

The contemporary facility can be found within a multi-user warehouse that is managed by an industry-leading international Logistics Service Provider (LSP) that specialises in the storage of frozen goods.

The operations are completely outsourced by METRO to its logistics partner, and the facility satisfies all of the requirements for maintaining the temperature regime necessary for frozen goods. METRO,

which has rapidly become one of the warehouse’s most important customers, now utilises 10,000 of the facility’s approximately 170,000 available pallet spaces. The warehouse has a total capacity of around 200,000 pallet locations.

The new warehouse manages the wholesaler’s frozen goods that are sourced from around the world, such as bread, pastries, fruits and vegetables, potatoes, and ready food from its suppliers.

Additionally, the new warehouse is responsible for receiving shipments of frozen fish and seafood from the wholesaler’s worldwide trade offices. Because of this, the advantageous location of Bergen op Zoom, which is situated between two large seaports, Rotterdam and Antwerp, makes it a perfect site for the inbound shipments that arrive by sea.

The inbound pallets are placed on a conveyor system, scanned, and weighted before being carried to the high-bay racks by an automated shelf racking unit.

Technically speaking, the warehouse is totally automated. Following the receipt of orders, the automated shelf racking unit removes pallets from the racks and transports them to the outgoing buffer. Once there, the pallets are moved via a conveyor system in order to be loaded onto the truck.

With the use of this cutting-edge facility, METRO intends to further improve the accuracy of its Master Data and stock, further expand its service level, and secure key supply chain capacity in order to increase its sales of frozen items.

These goals can be accomplished simultaneously. Following the ongoing transition, all orders placed by METRO local subsidiaries for its frozen items that are acquired from throughout the world will be fulfilled from this new facility by May 2023.

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METRO opens a brand-new frozen goods warehouse.

METRO opens
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