METRO LOGISTICS has launched a new platform for e-commerce fulfilment.

February 20, 2023

METRO LOGISTICS has launched a new platform for e-commerce fulfilment.


In Altlandsberg, Brandenburg, a new platform for the logistical fulfilment of online orders is introduced.


In Altlandsberg, Brandenburg, METRO LOGISTICS is introducing a new platform for the logistical fulfilment of e-commerce orders. The company is developing a fulfilment option for online stores and start-ups with modest order and shipment quantities using standardised processes and framework requirements. With the multi-user logistics facility in Altlandsberg, orders from various segments may now be processed on a space of about 5,000 square metres.


“With our fulfilment platform, we aim to reach businesses that require a logistics solution for their order processing but may not yet have enough orders to justify independent logistical processing. As a result, we provide customers with an order volume of up to 200,000 shipments per year with a standardised logistics solution in Altlandsberg, which is geographically extremely near to the Berlin start-up scene “explains Ralf Kunert, METRO LOGISTICS’ Altlandsberg site manager.


Clients who use the Altlandsberg fulfilment platform gain access to standardised operational procedures, interfaces, transparent pricing, and uniform regulatory frameworks. “New customers may typically connect with us and begin doing business with us within a few days thanks to our effective systems. We handle all aspect of the goods handling process, including the reception and picking of the goods, shipment, and returns administration. We also offer value-added services “comments Senior Business Development Manager at METRO LOGISTICS Karsten Heubach.


The fulfilment platform offers a variety of storage options and forms, and at launch it has a 5,000 square metre warehouse. “A future extension is also possible because of the existing possibilities in our multi-user logistics centre in Altlandsberg. We can help our clients build their businesses by serving as a strategic logistics partner.”


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