Mehmet Seker, an executive with EDEKA, takes over the NP store in Lengerich.

April 12, 2023

The entrepreneur Mehmet Seker, who is 38 years old, states, “I am pleased to be able to shape and develop the market even more individually.”
The cooperatively organised regional firm EDEKA Minden-Hannover hands over the NP store located at Muhlenstraße 38 in Lengerich to Mehmet Seker on May 1. Previously, the NP store had been owned and operated by EDEKA E Minden-Hannover. The takeover will not result in significant changes for either the company’s customers or its staff. “You are able to continue to count on the helpful, personalised service as well as the high quality. “We will continue to develop the product range and align it with the needs of our customers,” pledges Mehmet Seker, who already operates two EDEKA stores in Furstenau and Bawinkel as well as a nah & gut store in Eggermuhlen. In addition, Mehmet Seker owns a nah & gut store in Eggermuhlen. In addition, all 19 of the current personnel will be retained.

Before the end of this year, Mehmet Seker plans to make investments in its around 970 square metre store and turn it into a trustworthy and attractive local supplier. This expansion will include the addition of new, contemporary shopfitting elements as well as a significantly increased and more diverse selection of products that have a strong regional reference. The entrepreneur, who is 38 years old, emphasises that he is glad to be able to shape and expand the market even more individually. “I am pleased to be able to,” As part of the planned modernisation, the store will be converted into a nah & gut market as part of the stated restructuring of the discount distribution channel NP. This will take place as part of the upcoming modernization.