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Maple Leaf Food to spin off pork business, focus on sustainability

Maple Leaf Food is taking a significant step toward its vision of becoming the most sustainable protein company in the world. The Canadian food giant announced plans to spin off its pork business into a separate entity. This strategic initiative aims to unlock greater growth possibilities and sharpen the focus on the two companies’ unique goals and sustainability objectives.

The Method Of Separation

After spinning off its pork business, which will be named in the coming months, Maple Leaf Foods intends to create two focused companies. Curtis Frank, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, emphasised the benefits of the separation, saying, “This transaction marks the beginning of a new era in two distinct businesses that each have a unique value proposition.” and unlocking growth opportunities.

Ownership And Partnership

Maple Leaf Foods will hold a 19.9% ​​stake in the new pork company. Both companies will enter an evergreen pork supply agreement, ensuring the continued supply of high-quality, sustainable market-value pork to the Maple Leaf Foods prepared foods business. This deal gives the new pork company a strong anchor customer base and allows it to grow its business with customers worldwide. Maple Leaf Foods will provide additional pork operations and other support for the new pork company.

Leadership and Vision

The new Pork Company might be led with the aid of Dennis Organ, an enterprise veteran with over 27 years of enjoy, along with key roles at Smithfield Foods. Organ, who joined Maple Leaf Foods in February 2023 as President of Pork Complex, will serve as the incoming CEO. Under his leadership, the brand-new Pork Company will pursue growth through operational efficiencies and market growth.

Curtis Frank will continue to guide Maple Leaf Foods alongside Adam Grogan (President and COO) and David Smales (CFO). The employer will become aware of using the increase in sustainable meats, increasing its U.S. Marketplace reach, and diversifying its protein product portfolio. The Maple Leaf Blueprint will guide the enterprise’s strategic direction, aiming for nice-in-magnificence consumer packaged items performance.

Stakeholder And Shareholder Support

The separation plan, expected to be finished in 2025, has acquired approval from Maple Leaf Foods’ Board of Directors and is subsidised utilizing McCain Capital Inc., the corporation’s biggest and controlling shareholder. Consequently, shareholders will receive a pro-rata distribution of shares in both Maple Leaf Foods and the brand-new Pork Company, thereby ensuring their participation in the growth of both entities.

Michael H. McCain, Executive Chair of Maple Leaf Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for the transaction, pronouncing, “This is the right transaction at the proper time as we move ahead with our sustainability imaginative and prescient, searching for to create cost for all stakeholders.”

Economic Impact And Market Power

Preliminary estimates indicate that the new pork company could generate Pro Forma Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $70 million under normal market conditions, or $180 million Excluding the pork business, Maple Leaf Foods’ 2016-2016 revenue is expected. Pro Forma Adjusted EBITDA is approximately $395 million. Adjustments to this figure are required before the separation, and full financial disclosures are provided to shareholders.


Maple Leaf Foods’ decision to discontinue its pork business marks a pivotal moment in its journey to sustainability and growth. By creating two independent, purpose-built companies, Maple Leaf Foods aims to increase its focus on sustainable protein production and unlock greater value for its supplier’s involvement The impending separation promises to position both Maple Leaf Foods and the new pork company for long-term success in the growing global protein market.

A conference call to consider the announcement will be held on July 9, 2024, at 8:00 a.m. ET. Shareholders and interested parties are invited to get involved and learn more about the future potential of both companies.


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