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Maersk North America offers tips to help clients be ready for the coming era of electric vehicles


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Maersk North America offers tips to help clients be ready for the coming era of electric vehicles


Customers want their supply chains to grow sustainably.
The role of electrical vehicles will be crucial.
USA, Florham Park, New Jersey On January 25, 2023,

Maersk leaders gave a speech at a Zero Emission Fleet Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, outlining what customers need know about the path of the electrical vehicle (EV) as they prepare for sustainable supply chains.

The management must first commit to the net zero decarbonization goal and make long-term investments in the multi-year effort. Maersk pledged to have net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in 2018.

As part of a comprehensive Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) plan, that date was pushed last year by 10 years to 2040 across all modes and enterprises. Maersk North America placed an order for 436 electrical Class 8 trucks in March 2022 to replace diesel trucks.

Decarbonizing inland transportation by using heavy-duty electric vehicles and building infrastructure for charge stations improves supply chains and communities, and is a key component of Maersk’s ESG goals for inland transportation.

By using Class 8 electric trucks, we will be reducing traffic noise and emissions in the communities we serve to fully comply with upcoming regulations. Our goal in the near future is for Maersk North America to be charging our entire fleet with 100 percent renewable electricity to offer our customers an environmentally-friendly alternative for short-haul trucking.

Carlo Bertani
Maersk’s North America Environmental Manager
The second requirement in EV operations is the ability to scale and look for partners. Maersk partnered with TEC Equipment – a Volvo Trucks’ Certified EV Dealership, who helped identify the ideal truck configurations needed to operate daily freight routes.
This partnership allowed Maersk to leverage Volvo Trucks’ Electric Performance Generator (EPG) tool, which simulates real-world routes and determines which ones are best suited based on environmental factors such as route details, traffic patterns, speed, payload, terrain and ambient temperature.
The EPG also considers if an opportunity charge (the optimal location for charging infrastructure) would be required. Volvo Trucks turnkey solution is used for the first six years of ownership that provides 24/7 support, scheduled and preventative maintenance, towing and vehicle repair (including the energy storage unit and the complete electromobility system) to ensure peak vehicle uptime, performance and productivity.

Both Volvo Trucks and TEC Equipment continue to go above and beyond to support our growing battery-electric fleet operations. One example is the ongoing training they are providing to help our drivers optimize the range of the Volvo VNR Electric, including how to leverage regenerative braking benefits to add power back to the battery.

Michael Gallagher
Head of Indirect Sourcing, North America, at Maersk North America.

The absence of charging infrastructure is one of the difficulties in using Class 8 EVs. Maersk is collaborating with public utilities and municipal authorities to build charging infrastructure in well-planned sites to minimise this impact and increase the effectiveness of trucking operations. In order to maximise truck deployment, the company also collaborated with Prologis Mobility, the mobility division of their warehouse leasing partner, to integrate electric charging infrastructure into existing warehouse facilities.


Federal, State, and Local funding incentives are intended to hasten the scalability of EVs in order to conform to future laws. EV adoption is still in its early stages, and there are still issues with battery performance.


An electric car costs two to three times as much as a diesel car, and while battery performance will advance to increase duration and decrease weight, the truth is that early adopters of the technology are attempting to figure out the best course of action. The typical range of today’s batteries, for instance, is 275 miles per full charge, and a battery can add up to 6,000 pounds to the weight of a vehicle.


The battery’s level of charge, the dispenser’s charging rate, and the truck’s capacity to accept a particular rate of charge all affect how long it takes to charge. Initial charging takes around 75 minutes, although they are getting faster over time.


New regulations requiring zero emissions from all new trucks by 2045 are being brought about in California and New York as a result of regulatory compliance with climate change targets. By 2035, all sales of light-duty and passenger vehicles must be zero-emission vehicles, and by 2045, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles must be as well.

About A.P. Moller – Maersk

A.P. Moller – Maersk is an integrated logistics company working to connect and simplify its customers’ supply chains. As a global leader in logistics services,


the company operates in more than 130 countries and employs over 100,000 people worldwide. Maersk is aiming to reach net zero emissions by 2040 across the entire business with new technologies, new vessels and green fuels.

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