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Loblaw aids small businesses sell in stores

Loblaw aids small businesses sell in stores

Loblaw, Canada’s top grocery retailer, is starting a new program to help small businesses. This program will offer faster payments, special support, and good terms to over a thousand local Canadian growers, bakers, wine makers, and product creators. It will also make it easier for new suppliers to work with Loblaw.

Starting in January 2024, this program aims to support small suppliers, making it simpler for them to sell in Loblaw’s stores. It promises quicker payments, easier processes, a guaranteed six-month spot on the shelves, and excellent help. This way, small businesses can grow and offer customers more choices at Loblaw’s stores across Canada.

“Small businesses are very important for our economy and our country’s future,” said Per Bank, Loblaw’s President and CEO. “We want to help these businesses make new and exciting products and have a variety of items on our shelves. By making things easier for them, we hope to save their time and money, benefiting all our customers.”

Some highlights of Loblaw’s Small Supplier Program:

  1. Faster Payments: Loblaw will pay small suppliers in up to 7 days, helping them manage their money better.
  2. Dedicated Support: Loblaw will have a special team to help small suppliers with advice and resources.
  3. Help for Small Suppliers: Loblaw will simplify the process of getting products on shelves and support small suppliers with costs.
  4. Guaranteed 6-Month Shelf Space: New suppliers will get six months of shelf space without paying extra fees. This way, they can try out their products.

Loblaw already works with more than 1,000 small businesses, including local growers and creators. This new program will support small suppliers and make it easier for them to sell their products.

Small local growers and business owners can benefit a lot from this program,” said Ron Lemaire, President of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association. “It can help them succeed in selling their fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Running a small business involves hard work and lots of paperwork. Our Small Supplier Program offers an easy way for small suppliers to get their products on our shelves and grow,” added Bank.

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