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Little Bear and Driscoll: Transforming Young Lives


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Little Bear Produce Inc. recently raised its stake in the company. increased its stake in the company. Headquarters unveiled a philanthropic effort at the Edinburg, TX, Little Bear Produce Child Life Endowment, in partnership with Driscoll Children’s Hospital This program aims to provide health-related benefits to children’s hospitals serving the South Texas area. It is to improve organization and recreational activities

Little Bear and Driscoll

J&D/Little Bear President and CEO Jimmy Bassetti expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to support Driscoll’s incredible efforts. She emphasized the importance of Little Bear’s mission to family values ​​and expressed their commitment to providing comfort and support to children and families experiencing adversity in South Texas

Established in 1953, Driscoll Children’s Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for sick children throughout South Texas, including the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi, Victoria, and Laredo areas A key feature of the overall approach is the Child Life Program, which not only enhances the clinical experience of patients and families, but also promotes long-term health and well-being through back-of-the-head care education

James Bassetti, COO of Little Bear, emphasized the importance of nutrition in promoting overall health and wellness. He emphasized the role of fruits and vegetables as essential components of a healthy lifestyle and emphasized the unifying power of food to bring families together The sustainability of the practice ensures that it provides essential support, nutrition education, recreational activities, and emotional comfort to sick children and their families.

Matt Wolthoff, president of Driscoll Children’s Hospital Rio Grande Valley, shared insight into the hospital’s upcoming relocation, which is set to begin operations in May 2024. Child life programs are especially important in pediatric practices.

Wolthoff emphasized the critical role of child life specialists in ensuring a comprehensive and supportive environment for young patients.

Founded in 1986 by Jimmy and Diane Bassetti, Little Bear Produce has established itself as the leading supplier of tear-free greens, melons and Honey-Sweet onions Because of its commitment to quality and sustainability, the company operates year-round, meeting customer requirements and promoting strict standards regarding product design and manufacturing

Since its inception, Driscoll Children’s Hospital has remained a nonprofit organization dedicated to South Texas communities, providing them with excellent pediatric health care. Driscoll has spread its wings throughout the years, becoming the region’s largest as well as the fastest-growing healthcare system.

In addition to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, these facilities extend their services through speciality centres and clinics situated across South Texas. That is why the opening of Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Rio Grande Valley is another example of how this organization is still committed to providing quality care access for children in this district.

To sum up, the Little Bear Produce and Driscoll Children’s Hospital partnership represents not only two institutions working together for the benefit of children and families in South Texas but also kindness and dedication united.

Aspiring for child life endowment, either establishment seeks to build an environment that fosters all-round well-being and resilience among young patients, thereby exemplifying community values, empathy, and cooperation.

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