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Lidl’s Dairy Product Update Targets Food Waste


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Lidl’s Dairy Product Update Targets Food Waste

Lidl GB has decided to make a big change in the way they label their own brand of milk and yoghurt. They’re getting rid of the ‘Use By’ dates on these products. You’ll see this change happening with milk this month, and yoghurt will follow in early 2024.

This shift is part of Lidl’s plan to fight against food waste. Instead of telling customers when to throw things away, they want people to use their own judgment to decide if the products are still good to eat.

They’ve already started changing the labels on milk in stores in England and Wales. Yoghurts will have the new labels soon.

Lidl wants to remind everyone that as long as the milk and yoghurt have been stored properly and don’t smell bad or look strange, they’re safe to have even after the ‘Best Before’ date.

Richard Inglis, who heads buying at Lidl GB, explained, “We’ve noticed that a lot of good milk and yoghurt gets thrown out just because of the ‘Use By’ dates. So, we’re switching to ‘Best Before’ dates to let shoppers decide for themselves. We’ve been working to reduce food waste, and this change is another step to help families cut down on wasting food.”

This move is part of Lidl’s bigger efforts to tackle food waste. They’re also doing things in their stores, like selling boxes of surplus fruits and veggies for a low price to cut down on waste by 17,000 metric tons every year.



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