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Lidl Invests £70M in British Veg Suppliers Amid Challenging Weather


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Lidl Invests £70M in British Veg Suppliers Amid Challenging Weather

Lidl GB is dedicating more than £70 million to support British root vegetable suppliers facing challenges from unpredictable weather. The supermarket is introducing new contracts lasting up to three years, benefiting farmers producing root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, and swedes. These long-term contracts aim to provide stability and security, encouraging suppliers to invest in their operations for the future.

On January 26, 2024, Lidl GB announced this significant change to strengthen its commitment to British farmers. The investment will support Lidl’s winter vegetable staples, offering certainty and security to suppliers.

This move reflects Lidl’s commitment to supporting local economies and fostering sustainable partnerships during challenging times. The transition to longer contracts not only benefits suppliers but also aligns with Lidl’s mission to provide customers with the best British at affordable prices.

Paul Gibson, Buying Director at Lidl GB, emphasized that the decision to transition to longer contracts reinforces their dedication to supporting local producers and investing in the quality and consistency of the supply chain.

James Barker, COO of Burgess Farms, highlighted the 20-year partnership with Lidl GB, praising Lidl’s transparent and collaborative approach, which has enabled them to deliver high-quality produce despite industry-wide challenges. The long-term agreement ensures the continuation of a sustainable British farming supply chain.

This investment in long-term contracts is part of Lidl’s broader commitment to inject £17 billion into the British food industry by 2025. It follows similar initiatives, such as incentivizing British egg production. Lidl, which sources two-thirds of its core produce from the UK, collaborates with over 650 suppliers nationwide, ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality British produce for its customers.


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