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Lidl and Bewley’s Partner to Craft an Exceptional Cup of Tea


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Lidl and Bewley’s Partner to Craft an Exceptional Cup of Tea

Lidl Ireland and Bewley’s, a prominent Irish coffee and tea company, have joined forces to enhance Lidl’s well-received Fallon’s Tea range.

This significant collaboration involves Bewley’s supplying their renowned tea under Fallon’s brand to Lidl stores nationwide.

Their partnership spans over a decade and has been instrumental in evolving and expanding Lidl’s Fallon’s Tea line.

Working closely with Lidl Ireland, Bewley’s has dedicated efforts to refining the taste, aromas, and flavour profiles of Lidl’s proprietary tea blends. This joint endeavour has created a remarkable assortment of Fallon’s tea bags, all available at affordable prices.

The Fallon’s Award-Winning Tea resulting from this collaboration is now proudly showcased on the shelves of Lidl outlets nationwide. This exclusive range includes three distinct blends:

  • Fallon’s Gold Blend: recognized with the Blas na hÉireann Gold Award in 2022, Silver in 2023, and the Great Taste Award in 2022.
  • Fallon’s Original Blend: Acknowledged with the Great Taste Award in 2023
  • Fallon’s Master Blend: Honored with the IQFDA award in 2023

This joint effort promises exceptional taste and quality at a budget-friendly price. It ensures that Fallon’s tea bags are environmentally friendly, being biodegradable when disposed of in the food-waste bin.

Rebecca Buchanan, senior buyer at Lidl Ireland, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration with Bewley’s.

She highlighted Lidl’s dedication to providing customers with top-notch, reasonably priced products. Buchanan credited the partnership with Bewley’s for the refined taste and quality of Fallon’s Tea, leading to multiple awards recognizing its excellence.

Mary McBride, Head of Retail at Bewley’s Tea and Coffee Ltd., echoed similar sentiments of delight regarding their collaboration with Lidl.

McBride expressed excitement about the joint effort to enhance Fallon’s tea bag range and looked forward to further strengthening this mutually beneficial partnership for years.



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