LG Makes a Donation to Turkey’s Earthquake Assistance.

March 1, 2023

LG Makes a Donation to Turkey’s Earthquake Assistance


Company to Run Free Laundry Rooms and Temporary Service Centers to Assist Those Affected in Addition to Donations and Supplies



Together with its South Korean labour union, LG Electronics (LG) is assisting those in Türkiye impacted by the recent, devastating earthquakes by providing humanitarian aid.


In order to assist those displaced by the earthquakes to wash and dry their clothing, LG is presently running free laundry services. Around 120 washers and dyers have been placed by the business in eight sites for temporary housing throughout Turkey, including the southern and southeastern provinces of Mersin and Taurus. Service engineers from LG will be present at the sites to provide any required technical assistance.


The business has also established temporary service locations in five separate cities’ earthquake-damaged neighbourhoods. Appliances that need to be repaired are picked up by service vehicles, transported to the service facilities, and then delivered back to the homes of their owners.


To help Turkish citizens in need, LG constantly collects donations from its own executives and staff. LG will offer necessities like blankets, sleeping bags, clothes, cleaning supplies, masks, and diapers, as well as emergency supplies like generators and flashlights, through the Executive Social Contribution Fund and with the help of the Junior Board, a volunteer, representative group of company employees.


The labour union for LG will also use its Union Social Responsibility (USR) Fund to assist in making purchases for the supplies needed to rebuild the infrastructure in the affected regions. Since 2010, the LG labour union has made donations to a variety of causes that benefit people and the environment in South Korea and other countries, including buying school uniforms for underprivileged kids, helping Korean War veterans in Ethiopia, and supporting aid initiatives for Ukrainian refugees.


To aid in the relief efforts in Turkey, LG Corporation has given USD 1 million to the Korean Red Cross, and LG’s subsidiary in Turkey has made a separate contribution through Ahbap Association, a local non-profit.