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Kraft Heinz Names Carlos Abrams-Rivera As New CEO


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Kraft Heinz Names Carlos Abrams-Rivera As New CEO



The Kraft Heinz Company has declared that Carlos Abrams-Rivera will take on the role of the new CEO, effective from January 1, 2024.

He will succeed Miguel Patricio, who has held the position of CEO since 2019 and Chairman of the board since 2022. Patricio will transition to a non-executive chairmanship on the board beginning January 1, 2024.

During his time as CEO, Patricio steered Kraft Heinz through a period of significant shifts in consumer preferences, unprecedented global challenges, and consistent growth in financial performance.

Jack Pope, the lead director of the board, expressed gratitude for Patricio’s leadership and emphasized his role in the company’s turnaround.

The succession from Patricio to Abrams-Rivera reflects the board’s deliberate planning for leadership continuity. The board is confident that the company will continue to thrive under Abrams-Rivera’s leadership as CEO.

Currently serving as the Executive Vice President and President of the North America zone, Abrams-Rivera is responsible for overseeing operations in the US and Canada.

He will retain his position as President of the North America Zone and additionally assume the role of President of Kraft Heinz with immediate effect.

Patricio hailed Abrams-Rivera’s strategic and innovative mindset as ideal for driving Kraft Heinz’s progress. He acknowledged Abrams-Rivera’s consistent delivery of strong results in various business sectors since joining the company in 2020.

Patricio is confident that Abrams-Rivera’s experience across different markets aligns well with the company’s growth ambitions.

He expressed his privilege in entrusting Abrams-Rivera with the leadership of the company, foreseeing continued growth in the future.




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