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Keurig Dr Pepper Reports Progress in Corporate Responsibility

Keurig Dr Pepper shows strong progress in new responsibility report

Keurig Dr Pepper Reports Progress in Corporate ResponsibilityKeurig Dr Paper Inc. (NASDAQ: KDP) announced its 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report, which outlines progress in areas such as the environment, supply chain, health and wellness, people and community

“We’ve improved our ‘Drink Well. Be Good,'” said CEO Tim Cofer. Activities to guide our corporate objectives, and influence our strategic objectives and industry priorities This report highlights our bold steps and partnerships for our multi-year strategy.

The 2023 report has significant achievements

Emission reduction: The KDP aims to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30% and Scope 3 emissions by 15% by 2030. By 2023, the company achieved emissions emissions in Scope 1 and 2 reduced by 21% and emissions in Scope 3 by 12%, renewable electricity generation, . And because of the electrification of vehicles, including 18 electric vehicles in Canada.

Improving the circular economy: KDP plans to reduce plastic recycling by 20% by 2025. By 2023, 15% reduction and post-consumer recycling 27% embedded in packaging, with bags using 100% recycled plastic in the Bai and Core Hydration+ product lines.

Sustainable Supply: KDP is working to support regenerative agriculture on 250,000 acres by 2030, reaching more than 43,000 acres by 2023.

Fresh water distribution: KDP is on track to provide fresh water for 60% of its products by 2025

Investing in people and communities: KDP has supported community engagement through partnerships and volunteering, including a multi-year partnership with the Red Cross Progress has also been made in increasing representative diversity on strategic levels.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs Officer Monica Oxender emphasized the importance of coordination and partnership in driving these initiatives and developing sustainable solutions.

This report follows Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) specifications, Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, and the Climate of Financial Disclosure Task Force (TCFD).

The full Corporate Responsibility Report for 2023 and related disclosures are available on the KDP website.

About Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper (Nasdaq: KDP) is the largest beverage company in North America, with a portfolio of over 125 brands and significant distribution capabilities At annual revenues of approximately $15 billion they are leaders in categories such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, . water, liquids and mixtures. They have the #1 single coffee brand in the US and Canada and are expanding into premium coffee and ready-to-drink spots. Their brands include Keurig®, Dr Pepper®, Canada Dry®, Mott’s®, A&W®, Snapple®, Peñafiel®, 7UP®, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®, Clamato®, Core Hydration®, and The Original Donut Shop® “Drink.” Well. Be Good.” As they are guided, they aim to make a positive impact on their 28,000 employees. For more information, visit and follow them on LinkedIn.


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