During this period of transitions, reinventions and global social responsibility, SIAL Paris confirms its ambition: to federate the food ecosystem around the principal transformations underway in the food industry.


SIAL Innovation Space, Paris 2018

An essential event for the entire sector

SIAL PARIS is the not-to-be-missed gathering for the entire international food industry. It is both a reflection of the market and the observatory of its transformation, which has further accelerated during this pandemic period. By carrying forward the “Own the change” theme which began in 2020, the trade fair continues to highlight these developments, transformations and metamorphoses. It elucidates the necessity for food transition on a planetary scale, consumers’ changing habits, agricultural and processing methods which are more respectful for the environment and animals, the development of start-ups inventing new models, and product and service innovations that are impacting and will impact the years to come. It asserts the intention to provide industry professionals with the strong and weak signals of markets on an international scale, and to guide exhibitors and visitors towards economic success.

Thus, 2022 will mark the return of SIAL Insights – the Sial Paris Think Tank which encompasses all the trade fair’s exclusive studies on consumer expectations, product innovations, market and restaurant trends – and of course the SIAL Innovation Grand Prizes, which acknowledge the most remarkable innovations launched during the year preceding the event.

#Own the change

“With #OwnTheChange, SIAL PARIS 2022 transcends product innovation. People will always need to eat. That is why agriculture and the food industry are sectors of the future. However, the changes on the way in these developing sectors are considerable, and the challenges are immense. Food sufficiency will necessarily require innovation. That means taking into account a paradigm shift: producing more while polluting less, exploring new sources of procurement, evolving towards more transparency, and so on.” states Nicolas Trentesaux, General Director of SIAL Network.



?lang=en“In 2022, SIAL PARIS is encouraging the Food community to seize the reins of change and to collectively consider the solutions of the future during this event and beyond,” adds Adeline Vancauwelaert, Director SIAL PARIS.  


SIAL PARIS, an event in step with its time
Because the sector must reinvent itself in order to deal with the environmental, ethical, digital and demographic issues of this changing world, SIAL PARIS 2022 will provide the attending exhibitors and professionals with the means to handle the challenges that they face. SIAL Paris is on their side, helping them to actively commandeer the changes that have now become inevitable. The team of this upcoming edition is already working on improving visitor comfort and convenience, offering more services, and establishing an enriched program combining several formats.

SIAL NETWORK, an international network in touch with the key markets

SIAL Network, the world’s foremost network of professional food industry events, is considerably growing and developing in 2022 with the penetration of new territories such as the United States through SIAL America in Las Vegas, the creation of a sector-specific hub through Gourmet Discovery in Hamburg, and the establishment of synergies in large-scale countries through the launch of new trade fairs: SIAL Mumbai in India and SIAL Shenzhen in China.