Investing in Progress: New Infrastructure at Walmart International Ups the Ante

December 16, 2022

Investing in Progress: New Infrastructure at Walmart International Ups the Ante

One of the many challenging issues that Walmart deals with is how to assist millions of customers in numerous markets in saving money while shopping locally.

Part of the solution is pretty simple. investing locally

We are making significant investments in crucial related fields like supply chains, logistics, and infrastructure for Walmart’s customers throughout Canada and Mexico. We firmly believe in the worth of robust local businesses driven by Walmart, and these investments, each raised independently in their respective markets, are at the core of that belief. Every new investment we make helps us increase the trust we have with the communities we work with, increase access to affordable goods, and generate jobs that advance communities and their residents.

The speed of fulfilment plays a role in providing excellent customer service to Walmart customers. We want all of our customers to be able to get what they need, when and how they need it, both locally and nationally. We’re opening brand-new, cutting-edge distribution facilities in Canada and Mexico in an effort to strengthen the connections that make up our supply chains.

Walmart Canada recently revealed its intentions to establish a pioneering distribution facility in Quebec. The facility will make use of cutting-edge technology to expedite order fulfilment, reduce transportation costs, and provide our customers with quicker services and an even larger selection of products.

Along with the two distribution centres that opened earlier this year, there is now a third location. British Columbia saw the opening of the company’s most sophisticated grocery distribution centre, while New Brunswick saw the opening of the organization’s first facility serving the Eastern region. In addition, we recently opened a state-of-the-art sortable fulfilment facility in Alberta. In early 2024, we also plan to open Ontario’s first ambient distribution facility, which will be fully automated.

Additionally, the soon-to-open Villahermosa Perishables Distribution Center in Mexico is enhancing our supply chain and logistics networks throughout the entire Southeast. With the new DC, we can move perishable goods more efficiently and provide our customers with a wider selection of locally sourced fresh goods at consistently low prices from Walmart. The same advantages are offered by another DC that will soon open in Mexicali, but for dry and ambient products.

Together, the new distribution centres should result in the creation of 3,200 new direct and indirect jobs. These new facilities are generating a cycle of opportunity for their communities and our associates, in addition to generating momentum for the business.

We are mindful of our commitments to regeneration across global markets.

We are moving toward carbon-zero distribution centres thanks to the new technology we have installed in our facilities, which helps us reduce greenhouse gases from our operations. Walmart will keep looking for innovations that put both people and nature at the centre of our business practises as we work toward becoming a regenerative company by 2040.

Innovations like these hardly ever occur in a vacuum because of our global presence and ongoing growth.

In the US, infrastructure spending is still on the rise, and high-tech advancements that fuel growth are also still prevalent. At one of our next-generation fulfilment centres in Joliet, Illinois, employees are using technology to enable innovation while collaborating with robotics and machine learning to speed up fulfilment. When finished, our next-generation FCs will be able to deliver next- or two-day shipping on millions of items to about 75% of the US population.

We take pride in the fact that Walmart invests in the future and makes sustainable advancements around the globe so that our customers can find the items they need, whether online or at the nearby store.

Investing in Progress: New Infrastructure at Walmart International Ups the Ante