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Intermarche and Casino Group today announced the start of their partnership


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Intermarche and Casino Group today announced the start of their partnership

The collaboration between Intermarché and Casino Group is a comprehensive endeavor that covers several key areas of their operations. This level of cooperation demonstrates a recognition of the challenges and opportunities in the modern retail landscape. By joining forces, these two major retail players are aiming to achieve various objectives, and each component of the partnership plays a crucial role in this strategic alliance.

Central Purchasing Units: Streamlining Procurement

The establishment of central purchasing units, namely “Auxo Achats Alimentaires” for food products and “Auxo Achats Non-Alimentaires” for non-food products, is a significant step towards streamlining procurement processes. These units act as intermediaries between retailers and major industrial groups, negotiating purchasing terms and conditions on their behalf.

The motivation behind this centralization is twofold. Firstly, it enables the partners to aggregate their purchasing power, which can lead to better terms, pricing, and overall cost savings. Secondly, it simplifies the procurement process by allowing both Intermarché and Casino Group to focus on their core competencies while leaving the negotiation of purchasing agreements to these dedicated units.

Global Retail Services: Expanding Horizons

The creation of “Global Retail Services” is a clear indication of the partnership’s international ambitions. With a presence in Europe and Latin America, this joint organization seeks to market services to large industrial groups operating in these regions. This approach leverages the strengths and market knowledge of Intermarché and Casino Group to attract international players to their services.

The decision to base Global Retail Services in Brussels, a central location in Europe, underscores the partners’ commitment to efficiently servicing their target markets. By tapping into their combined resources, they aim to provide added value to industrial groups and expand their footprint beyond France.

Strategic Supplier Selection and Long-Term Partnerships

The focus on working with a limited number of pivotal suppliers is an essential component of this partnership. These suppliers, known for their size and geographical reach, hold dominant positions in various product categories. The selection of such suppliers is not arbitrary but rather strategic. It allows Intermarché and Casino Group to build enduring relationships with suppliers who can meet their diverse needs.

The commitment to long-term partnerships, lasting five years, is a significant signal of stability and trust in the collaboration. It provides the necessary time for the implementation of innovative supply models, such as enhancing food safety measures, tracking product origins, and structuring multi-year contracts. These measures ultimately benefit consumers by ensuring quality, transparency, and consistency in the products offered.

Maintaining Independence

While the partnership between Intermarché and Casino Group encompasses a wide range of activities, it is vital to note that both retailers remain fiercely independent in other aspects of their businesses. This includes areas like sourcing, marketing, pricing, promotions, and store network expansion. This independence allows each retailer to continue pursuing its unique strategies, catering to distinct consumer preferences, and maintaining its brand identity.

Infinity Advertising: Digital Marketing in Focus

Infinity Advertising represents a forward-thinking approach to digital marketing and retail media. In today’s digital age, data-driven advertising and personalized promotions have become crucial for engaging consumers effectively. The joint venture between Casino Group and Intermarché allows them to tap into one of the most substantial transactional databases in France, giving them valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

By leveraging technologies developed by RelevanC, Infinity Advertising has the potential to revolutionize the way retail brands interact with their customers. The ability to deliver targeted advertising and personalized promotions ensures that marketing efforts are highly relevant and impactful, providing consumers with a more satisfying and tailored shopping experience.

Implications and Future Outlook

The partnership between Intermarché and Casino Group has far-reaching implications for the retail industry in France and potentially beyond. It signifies a collaborative response to the challenges posed by a highly competitive market, evolving consumer expectations, and the emergence of e-commerce.

By centralizing purchasing units, the partners can harness economies of scale and negotiate better terms, which may lead to price competitiveness and improved profitability. The expansion into international markets via Global Retail Services demonstrates their global aspirations and capabilities.

The commitment to long-term supplier partnerships is not only commendable but also likely to set a new standard in the industry. It places emphasis on food safety, transparency, and product quality, which are factors increasingly valued by consumers.

Maintaining independence is a strategic choice that allows both retailers to remain agile and responsive in their respective markets. This approach acknowledges the uniqueness of their brands and the preferences of their customer base.

Infinity Advertising opens the door to more effective and personalized marketing, enabling a more targeted and data-driven approach to engaging consumers. This initiative aligns with the growing trend of leveraging data to enhance customer experiences and drive sales.

In conclusion, the partnership between Intermarché and Casino Group is a remarkable strategic move in the retail industry. It represents a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions. As the partnership matures, it will be interesting to see how it influences the retail landscape in France and whether similar collaborations emerge in other regions as retailers seek to adapt and thrive in the changing retail environment.

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