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In the USA, is Żabka Nano? We can, yes! Żabka joins the top retail figures in the globe at NRF 2023: New York’s Biggest Retail Event


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In the USA, is Żabka Nano? We can, yes! Żabka joins the top retail figures in the globe at NRF 2023: New York’s Biggest Retail Event

The Żabka Group will be exhibiting alongside Microsoft at the NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show in New York City. This event is the retail industry’s largest convention and expo in the world. The autonomous shop concept known as Żabka Nano, which has been developed under the aegis of Żabka Future for more than a year and a half, will be showcased at the Microsoft Booth (#4503). The NRF conference will be held in New York City from the 15th to the 17th of January in 2023.

The National Retail Federation’s Big Show is consistently ranked as one of the most significant events in the retail sector. The workshops, which will include the participation of speakers and will be reinforced by the exhibition, will provide a forum for the sharing of information and experiences relating to the most recent developments that are affecting the development of the retail business on a global scale. This year’s gathering will feature more than 175 different sessions, over 350 different speakers, and over 800 different exhibitors.

“Not only is participation in this prestigious event an opportunity for us to build new alliances, but it is also an opportunity for us to portray Żabka as one of the world’s most innovative firms in the retail industry. We are really excited about this opportunity.” As a result of our idea, Warsaw has emerged as the undisputed leader in the field of autonomous stores, and I couldn’t be happier that we now have the chance to share this endeavour with people from all over the world. “We want to show you how our innovative technologies, which were developed in partnership with our partners, make life easier and free up more time for our clients,” said Tomasz Blicharski, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of abka Future.

From the 15th to the 17th of January, registered attendees will have the opportunity to see the self-sufficient Żabka Nano shop exhibit that was shown during the NRF conference. The Żabka Nano is an innovative concept that blends a traditional retail location with an online marketplace. The cutting-edge innovation, which enables speedy shopping by doing away with checkout employees, lines, and cash, has been meticulously customised to the characteristics of the place and the types of clients who frequent there. There are a few different kinds of retail establishments, the most common of which being brick-and-mortar shops, container vending machines that stand on their own, and stores within stores. Each makes use of technology that was created via close collaboration with an American technology company called AiFi and makes use of Microsoft Azure. In June of 2021, the city of Pozna was home to the opening of the very first abka Nano store. The Abka Group is currently responsible for the management of the largest chain of independently owned stores in Europe, which includes more than 50 locations.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with Microsoft and the Żabka Group at the most important retail event in the world. Recently surpassing more than 50 AiFi-powered Żabka stores, the demand for autonomous checkout in convenience stores is quickly rising. “We’re proud to have proven our ability to deploy autonomous stores at record speed in partnership with abka,” said Steve Carlin, CEO of AiFi. “We’re proud to have proven our ability to deploy autonomous stores in partnership with Żabka.”

During the meat of the event, representatives of the Żabka Group addressed the digital transformation that has been going on within the chain since 2016. This process began in 2016. During the NRF BIG Ideas session titled “Resilient retail” that took place on January 15, Tomasz Blicharski presented the idea of Żabka Nano to the audience. More can be accomplished using the Microsoft Cloud for Retail.” Shelley Bransten, who is the Global Corporate Vice President for Retail and Consumer Goods Industries at Microsoft, was in charge of leading the session.

According to Shelley Bransten, Global Corporate Vice President of Retail & Consumer Goods Industries at Microsoft, “digital technology that enables experiences like autonomous stores is what will create the difference between merchants who flourish and those that get left behind.” “We are thrilled to bring the Zabka Nano store checkout-free solution to life in conjunction with Microsoft partner AiFi at NRF 2023 and to highlight the global retail industry what is possible for autonomous shops through Zabka’s successful deployment,”


In the USA, is Żabka Nano? We can, yes! Żabka joins the top retail figures in the globe at NRF 2023: New York's Biggest Retail Event


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