In Clavering, UK, independent shop Muru Visana opens a new SPAR location.

November 15, 2022

In Clavering, UK, independent shop Muru Visana opens a new SPAR location.

The intrepid independent merchant Muru Visana and family have opened a brand-new SPAR store in the charming village of Clavering in Essex, United Kingdom. The Visana family has been conducting business in Clavering village for for 40 years, and they have occupied the 372m2 land since it was created with that purpose.
The Clavering store is new to SPAR UK and was formally inaugurated on Saturday, October 22. SPAR Market Clavering received a total investment of £250,000 toward renovation and restructuring, which was funded by SPAR UK wholesaler Blakemore Trade Partners.

significant change
The store has undergone a significant renovation recently, including the installation of brand-new eco chillers and a pack system. There has been a 50% increase in chilled capacity. It now offers a new food-to-go section, in-store prepared sandwiches, and a bakery section with a hot food offer, all of which serve a wider audience and provide the ideal selection for various times of the day.

Customers can treat themselves to a COOK frozen ready meal or cook from home using Blakemore Trade Partners’ own exclusive “County Bridge” butchery line. Customers can also choose their own loose chocolates from a waiter over at the checkout section.

The store was upgraded to the SPAR Market format as the primary modification. It now has a larger selection of fresh foods, works closely with neighbourhood suppliers, and provides a wide choice of food-to-go options. To cut down on the use of plastic, loose fruit and vegetables are also a great addition.

The SPAR Market store concept targets customers who spend more each basket and is best suited for businesses with shop floors larger than 2,000 square feet. With a focus on promoting regional products, SPAR Market outlets provide more fresh foods and a wider selection of goods, such as premium BWS and frozen items. Additionally, shops may have cafés, delicatessens, butchers, and premium food-to-go counters.

With a fantastic fresh selection, a full complement of services, a Main Post Office, and a sizable parking lot that draws customers from other towns, the store now stands out from the neighbourhood competition.

“I was quite impressed with the SPAR Market offer, and I knew right away that it would propel our business to new heights,” said Muru Visana. It was fantastic that Blakemore Trade Partners, along with Blakemore Design and Shopfitting, could not only plan the store but also carry it out.

In Clavering, UK, independent shop Muru Visana opens a new SPAR location.

“I knew Blakemore Trade Partners would be involved in the renovation of my store and the future of my business because I spoke to other SPAR retailers and visited SPAR outlets. I am amazed by the quality of assistance I received throughout the procedure and would suggest SPAR and Blakemore Trade Partners to other retailers wishing to advance their business.

Source: SPAR UK

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The UK became a SPAR member in 1956 when SPAR International granted the SPAR licence to a group of independent wholesalers. As a result, there are now five regional partners in the UK. A central office in London provides national marketing and buying services for the group.

SPAR has led the highly competitive convenience market in the UK for many years. Always innovative, the five regional partners continue to grow the brand. SPAR UK comprises independently owned licensed retailers and company-owned stores. These include forecourts, airports, train stations, city centres, and local neighbourhood stores.