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IBM and Pasqal Forge Partnership to Pioneer Quantum-Centric Supercomputing

IBM and Pasqal Forge Partnership to Pioneer Quantum-Centric Supercomputing! In an unprecedented move, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Pasqal have announced their collaboration to create quantum-centric supercomputing by combining their expertise in superconducting circuits and neutral atom-based quantum computers respectively each. The partnership aims to develop a unified approach to wide-scale quantum-centric computing, combining quantum and advanced classical computing to create next-generation supercomputers. The program will focus on advancing applied research in the medical and materials sciences.

IBM and Pasqal Forge Partnership to Pioneer Quantum-Centric Supercomputing

IBM and Pasqal plan to partner with leading organizations in high-performance computing (HPC) to lay the groundwork for this new paradigm of supercomputers. The partnership will focus on defining software integration frameworks for quantum-centric supercomputers, coordinating computing workflows across quantum disciplines and advanced classical computing sets. This vision is based on open source software, and active communication with engineers will be used.

The two companies will jointly support a regional HPC technology conference in Germany, with plans to expand similar efforts globally. This conference will be a forum for stakeholders to discuss and develop ways to combine quantum and classical computational technologies.

Central to this collaboration is the shared goal of industry adoption in materials science and medicine, where quantum-centric supercomputing shows immediate promise. IBM and Pasqal aim to use their leading roles in full-stack quantum computing to promote the use of quantum technologies in these areas. They will work with IBM’s Materials company, which was founded last year, to explore better ways to develop workflows that leverage quantum and classical computation for utility-scale applications in chemistry.

“Quantum-centric supercomputing represents the future of high-performance computing and provides a means of achieving near-quantum gains in scientific applications such as medicine and materials sciences. This collaboration with Pasqal ensures that the future this open and hardware agnostic Stays, creating more value for our customers and users. We are thrilled to have Pascal join us in bringing quantum-centric supercomputing to the world,” said Jay Gambetta, IBM partner and vice president of IBM Quantum.

Georges Olivier Raymond, CEO of Pascal, said, “Today marks a milestone in the quantum computing industry as we launch this collaboration with IBM. Our collective efforts aim to develop commercial best practices for quantum-centric supercomputing. Leveraging the strengths of both technologies, we are poised to meet the urgent needs and demands of our customers.”

It’s About IBM

IBM is a global leader in hybrid cloud and AI, providing consulting expertise to clients in more than 175 countries. IBM helps customers leverage data insights, streamline business processes, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage. With more than 4,000 government and enterprise customers in critical sectors such as financial services, telecommunications and healthcare, IBM’s hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift are essential to digital transformation. IBM in AI, quantum computing, industry-specific cloud solutions and consulting Innovations to provide open and flexible choice, backed by trust, transparency, accountability, inclusion, and a service commitment.

The Story Of Pasqal

Pasqal is the first quantum computer company to develop quantum processors using random atoms in 2D and 3D arrangements, with the aim of providing practical quantum gains and solving real-world problem various solutions. Ellen Aspect (Nobel Prize winner in Physics, 2022); Dr. Antony Broweis; Founded by Thierry and LaHaye, Pascal has raised more than €140 million in funding to date, Pascal’s innovations are designed to meet the growing demands of its customers and push the boundaries of quantum computing applications.

The announcement marks a new era in high-performance computing, with IBM and Pasqal leading the way in combining quantum and classical computing technologies to drive breakthroughs in science, research and industrial applications.Fore more related news click here

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