Grupo Cuevas, a partner of SPAR Spain, is growing its retail network.

February 15, 2023

Grupo Cuevas, a partner of SPAR Spain, is growing its retail network


Ignacio de las Cuevas, a SPAR Spain partner, kicked off the year by opening a brand new 150 square metre SPAR Express store in the municipality of Mio, which is located in the province of La Corua. This comes after 11 new stores in the retailer’s territory opened following the SPAR Express store format in the prior twelve months.

In recent years, there has been a discernible drop in the total number of people living in the territory where Grupo Cuevas administers the SPAR Brand under licence from SPAR Spain. After the pandemic, residents have been returning to these places in the countryside, due to the growing desire of its citizens to be closer to nature. This desire has led to the return of residents to these areas in the countryside. The opening of SPAR Express stores was a direct response to both the rise in the population and the accompanying rise in the need for retail locations that are close to people’s homes. In the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, as well as La Corua and Pontevedra, the SPAR retail sales area expanded by 1,990 square metres thanks to the opening of eleven new stores during the course of the year.


Because Grupo Cuevas is present in municipalities that do not have any other shopping options, there is a growing demand for high-quality stores in which customers can buy food, products for personal hygiene, and other grocery items. People can complete their shopping without having to leave their towns thanks to the SPAR Express stores, which adds to the value of these communities. Additionally, the stores promote local suppliers. The amount of individual stock keeping units (SKUs) available at a given SPAR Express location can range from 100 square metres to 500 square metres, with the average number being 1,300. Two to seven coworkers are assigned to each store to provide service to consumers in the various sectors of fruit and vegetables, bread, and delicatessen. Butcher counters are an additional convenience that consumers can take use of at six of the newly established stores. The opening hours of each store are different in accordance with the requirements of the people living in the surrounding areas.


In 2022, the city of Ourense also welcomed the launch of a large 1,550-square-meter SPAR Supermarket, which resulted in the addition of 24 new coworkers. The SPAR Spain partner started the year 2023 with a total of 60 SPAR Express stores. These stores have a combined sales area of 10,715 square metres, which is an increase of 18% year on year.


SPAR Spain is the origin.


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Concerning SPAR Spain

In 1959, a group of wholesalers with the goal of become members of an international organisation got together to form what is now known as SPAR Spain. As a direct consequence of this, the brand evolved into Spain’s very first voluntary commerce chain to ever be founded.


The headquarters are located in Barcelona. It offers assistance with purchasing, marketing, communications, and brand management to a total of thirteen regional partners. Collectively, the SPAR operators are making significant strides towards actively expanding the brand throughout the country.