Future market in Nauen: EDEKA Minden-Hannover develops the area’s most creative and sustainable market

April 19, 2023

Future market in Nauen: EDEKA Minden-Hannover develops the area’s most creative and sustainable market

• A total investment of 13.5 million euros

• Pilot project for the future’s greenest supermarket

• Future-focused and environmentally friendly concepts for all types of new building

New ground is being broken and the EDEKA market of the future is being constructed in Nauen, which is located in Brandenburg by EDEKA Minden-Hannover.

The EDEKA regional company that has the highest turnover has implemented forward-looking and sustainable concepts in every area of the business, whether it be the construction in timber construction with natural insulating materials, the photovoltaic system on the roof with battery storage and solar carports in the parking lot, rainwater harvesting, facade greening, or the nearly natural outdoor facilities.

This new structure represents an investment of approximately 13.5 million euros on the part of EDEKA Minden-Hannover.

According to EDEKA’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Rosenkranz, “We are continually pursuing our sustainability path, and the EDEKA market of the future is a significant milestone in this process.” “Nauen is our pilot project for the most environmentally friendly supermarket of the future.

We are using it to create and test environmentally friendly standards, which we will then be able to utilise more and more in future sites.

We recognise that as a local supplier, we have a social obligation, and we intend to fulfil it to the best of our abilities.

boots opticians store ribbon cutting
boots opticians store ribbon cutting

The sums of money that we are investing in environmentally friendly markets and environmentally conscious ideas all around the region are correspondingly high. When it comes to the preservation of the environment, we will not back down.

Taking a quick look at some examples of individual measures:

Utilisation of resources that are less harmful to the environment, such as low-carbon concrete, natural insulating materials, and wood.

Solar carports in the parking lot along with a photovoltaic and battery storage system
Utilisation of collected rainwater for a variety of purposes, including flush toilets and outdoor faucets.

Control of the daylight using intelligent technology, and there is no requirement for a cooling system in the central location.
Automation of the building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning,

lighting, and shading systems using intelligent technology
Concept of cutting-edge bicycle transportation and mobility
Greening idea for the outside amenities, eco-educational installations for “tangible sustainability,” and a focus on social integration into the surrounding area.

It is anticipated that the retail establishment, which will have a sales space of 2,500 square metres, will open in May of 2024. The work on the preparations got began in March, and the work on the structure will get started in the spring.

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