Sarah Fromhagen will launch her own company with EDEKA on November 16th.

November 15, 2022

Sarah Fromhagen will launch her own company with EDEKA on November 16th.

Sarah Fromhagen will transition from team management to self-employment as an EDEKA saleswoman on November 16. As an employee, she previously managed the NP market at Müdener Strasse 45 in Unterlüß, which is part of the cooperatively organised regional company EDEKA Minden-Hannover. She is now the owner and, as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur with financial responsibilities. She wishes to expand “her” store and significantly upgrade it in the first quarter of 2023 by renovating individual shop fittings. As part of the announced restructuring of the NP discount sales format, the local supplier will be converted into a nah & gut store as part of the renovation work next year.

Sarah Fromhagen, team leader, takes over the store.
“I’m excited to be able to make the store even more unique,” says Sarah Fromhagen. She is certain that her decision to become self-employed was correct. The next step in her career was to take over the NP market as a self-employed saleswoman. Two factors influenced her decision. “I have the support of my family and my team – everyone is rooting for me.” Furthermore, the cooperative’s guiding principle played a significant role in my decision. The ability to draw on the experience of other independent EDEKA retailers and experience the bond in this cooperative is extremely valuable and provides a lot of security, especially in the early days,” emphasises the founder.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.
The independent retailer prioritises freshness, personal service, and customer satisfaction. Sarah Fromhagen already knows her customers as team leader and is always willing to listen to their needs – an offer that is not available everywhere. Customers will find approximately 12,000 items in their NP store on a sales area of approximately 710 square metres, ranging from discounted GUT&GÜNSTIG products to branded items and regional, national, and international specialties. The store’s 13 employees are on hand to answer any questions about the products. “They are the key to our success

Sarah Fromhagen will launch her own company with EDEKA on November 16th.

linked to the region
The market team places a high value on regionality. Sarah Fromhagen works with approximately ten regional suppliers in total. Other regional products are available under the label “EDEKA Heimatliebe” in the range.

EDEKA helps new businesses get started. Sarah Fromhagen receives extensive assistance from her EDEKA cooperative in establishing her business. Financial services, as well as business advice and training courses, are just as important as physical goods trade. The majority of EDEKA stores are owned and operated by independent retailers. This is a key strength for Germany’s largest food retailer. The self-commitment employed’s ensures the markets’ local flavour, which is oriented toward the needs of the customers and the environment. In accordance with the cooperative funding mandate, EDEKA establishes independent, medium-sized entrepreneurial food businesses.