World’s first coffee capsule system without a capsule. CoffeeB: EDEKA becomes the first partner in food retail in Germany

November 18, 2022

World’s first coffee capsule system without a capsule. CoffeeB: EDEKA becomes the first partner in food retail in Germany

The most important coffee innovation since the invention of the coffee capsule will also be available in Germany from April 2023: CoffeeB has found a strong partner in EDEKA. The world’s first coffee capsule system that works entirely without a capsule was presented in Zurich at the beginning of September and is currently only available in Switzerland and France.

With the introduction of the first capsule system without capsules, Delica, a subsidiary of the largest Swiss retailer Migros, revolutionized the coffee market and made headlines worldwide. The small ball of pressed coffee, covered only by a patented protective layer, will be available in participating EDEKA stores in Germany from April 2023.

“As part of EDEKA’s sustainable orientation, CoffeeB is a great addition to our product portfolio. The innovative zero-waste coffee system shares our goal of reducing resource consumption. With this cooperation, we are making a further contribution to preserving not only enjoyment, but above all nature and the environment for future generations,” says Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Board of EDEKA ZENTRALE Stiftung & Co. KG, Hamburg.

World's first coffee capsule system without a capsule. CoffeeB: EDEKA becomes the first partner in food retail in Germany

CoffeeB has all the amenities of conventional capsule systems and guarantees the best coffee enjoyment – without causing waste. Like the coffee itself, the protective layer is of natural origin and is therefore completely garden compostable. The system is completed by the CoffeeB “Globe” coffee machine with patented brewing technology. CoffeeB offers an individual selection of varieties and different degrees of strength – from lungo to ristretto. “CoffeeB combines what has not been possible in the coffee sector to date: a full taste experience, convenience and zero waste,” says Frank Wilde, Head of CoffeeB. “We are delighted to have EDEKA on board. For us, this is another indicator of how important the CoffeeB mission is to sustainably reduce coffee capsule waste: Is the amount of waste worldwide

Xerxes Shahparast, Managing Director of Delica Germany, adds: “Delica has been developing and producing high-quality luxury products in the areas of chocolate, snacks, cooking products and coffee for over 60 years. Coffee is clearly the favorite drink of the Germans and that’s why this market is so important for us. Together with EDEKA, we are looking forward to the launch in spring 2023.”

The sustainability of CoffeeB goes beyond the garden compostability of the Coffee Balls: The machine works very energy-efficiently – and also switches off automatically after one minute. It consists of up to 34% recycled materials and thanks to a modular machine design, individual components can be replaced or repaired. Furthermore, the system and all types of coffee offered are 100% CO2 compensated. The coffee beans come from sustainable cultivation and, depending on the aroma, are either Rainforest Alliance or Organic and Fairtrade certified, and all packaging is recyclable.

The CoffeeB system will be available from April 2023 in participating EDEKA stores throughout Germany. The Coffee Balls are available in eight different varieties and the CoffeeB “Globe” coffee machine in black and white.


The CoffeeB brand was launched in 2022 under the umbrella of the Migros subsidiary Delica AG. CoffeeB is the world’s first coffee capsule system without a capsule. A small “coffee ball” made of pressed coffee makes it possible. The sustainable single-serve coffee system offers excellent coffee quality and produces no capsule waste.

Delica AG, based in Buchs (Switzerland) and with German locations in Bensheim, Düsseldorf and Berlin, combines over 60 years of experience with innovative technology in the field of sustainable production and processing of food and beverages. With around 25,000 tons of green coffee processed each year, Delica AG is one of the largest and most successful coffee roasters on the Swiss market. It stands for the highest Swiss quality standards and premium enjoyment.