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Eye level communication: EDEKA’s new training initiative speaks Generation Z’s language.


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Eye-level communication: EDEKA’s new training initiative speaks Generation Z’s language.

EDEKA is one of the biggest trainers in Germany, with more than 19,000 trainees in more than 50 professions and dual lines of study at any given time. The grocery merchant is now addressing new talents on an equal level with its training effort. The visual language and tonality of Generation Z are mixed with traditional corporate ideals and instantly recognizable design features. Both the emphasis on respect for the demands and living conditions of the younger generation and the authenticity and individuality of the address are crucial. The multi-platform campaign will be implemented on a variety of platforms, including social media, the web, POS, out-of-home, and with the use of merchandise from the EDEKA universe.

On the one hand, plenty of freedom for self-realization and variety, and on the other, stability, security, and strong possibilities for progress—these are the demands that Generation Z places on employers and trainers, which presents new obstacles when addressing potential trainees. This is precisely where the EDEKA association comes in to play with its new training program, in which actual young stars from EDEKA play a major role.

Authentic communication on the level of Generation Z while simultaneously providing orientation on the basic values of EDEKA is a balancing act that is far more manageable than it may appear at first glance. After all, the EDEKA network places the same level of importance on factors such as the variety of tasks, future prospects and security, relevance, and appreciation that the candidates do. The primary focus of the campaign is to bring everyone together behind a common goal. This problem is solved by employing a visual language and tone that, in an unexpected manner, combines the street style of Generation Z with elements of EDEKA design that are already well-known, and that communicates in a way that is both clear and entertaining what factor plays the most important role in the selection of trainers in the modern era. The aesthetic of the campaign is unmistakably influenced by the surroundings of the target demographic.

The campaign launch will include a TikTok challenge as well as streetwear goods.

A training challenge will be held on TikTok immediately after the campaign concludes, and this will serve as an additional component of the campaign. What is previously known about this is that the news was broadcast live from inside an EDEKA store. Streetwear products from the EDEKA theme world, such as bucket hats, socks, and keychains, finish off the overall campaign and may soon provide one or another “It-Piece” in the teenager’s room.

Eye level communication: EDEKA's new training initiative speaks Generation Z's language.

Further information on the wide range of training opportunities at EDEKA and on the new campaign is available here: www.bildung.edeka


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