April 5, 2023


With a version for possibly explosive processes, specifically suited for the dairy and liquid processing industries, GEA completes the T.VIS® control top line.

GEA adds a version for possibly explosive processes to the T.VIS® control top series: The dairy industry, among others, uses GEA T.VIS® E-20 to handle highly flammable hazardous materials like milk powder and sugar dust, for example, in the creation of fruit preparations.


Gas and dust explosions are among the biggest manufacturing hazards in the food, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors where powders and liquids are processed. Alcohols, dyes and hydrocarbons are a few examples of extremely flammable materials. These materials can also be found in common goods like wheat, pudding powder, instant coffee, sugar, milk powder, potato and soup powder.

Visualization of the ex-compliant state

“Typically, when solid objects are ground, fine dust is created. According to Product Manager Bernd Porath, who oversees valve controls at GEA, even small amounts of energy are adequate to start an ignition when this comes into contact with oxygen. Therefore, makers are required to safeguard their products against explosion (“Ex”) risks. It is especially crucial to modify all parts and functions to meet the challenge of operational dependability for valves that regulate product flow at the intersections of significant process steps. Global Ex certification is required for every new advancement. “For instance, manufacturers want to be able to quickly determine a valve’s state. As a result, we created a state indication that is Ex-compliant. We employ LEDs with restricted ignition energy that shine brightly in the control top’s hood to indicate the current position.

an enhanced resilience to shock

The new Ex-protected variant of the T.VIS family’s control tops has a very small footprint. Installation and upkeep are made easier by the 160 millimetre low installation height. The switch rod, which was still utilised in the GEA SES predecessor model as the mechanical state indicator of the valve, is also absent from the T.VIS E-20. It needed a lot of installation room because it protruded from the hood. The shock resistance has increased by more than twofold to 10 g along with the new GEA T.VIS M-20 control top version. For instance, internal spring-loaded terminals keep the electrical connections safe even when under intense vibrational stress.

All components have the highest degree of IP6k9k dust and moisture protection because of the T.VIS housing technology. The interior pilot valves were also changed over to tappet technology by GEA. This provides better sealing performance and a much longer service life than diaphragms that are prone to cracking.

Novelty: appropriate for use worldwide
One of the first Ex-protected control tops on the market with widespread approval for use in possibly explosive environments is the GEA T.VIS E-20. “In the past, each region’s complicated legal requirements pertaining to our clients’ process technology in potentially explosive areas had to be dealt with separately. We’ve relieved them of the trouble and are now providing our Ex-protected control top with a documented spec sheet for international use. This encompasses, for instance, the European ATEX and UKEx systems as well as the global IECEx system, which also serves as the foundation for certification in accordance with CCCEx in China. The T.VIS E-20 should receive approval for the North American market this year, according to GEA.