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EROSKI, Basque Culinary Center Applaud Graduates’ Sustainable Innovations

EROSKI, Basque Culinary Center, Applaud Graduates’ Sustainable Innovations

EROSKI and Basque Culinary Center Celebrate Young Talent in Food Innovation

Three graduates—Carlos Casillas, Juan Carlos García Garrido, Maore Ruíz, and Omar Escarra—have received recognition from EROSKI and the Basque Culinary Center. They were applauded for their fantastic ideas about making food better and healthier.

This special event, known as the “EROSKI-BCC Onenak 2023 Recognition Award,” happened in Donostia-San Sebastian. It’s where these smart graduates got recognized for their projects that are all about making food in better ways. Their ideas match with what EROSKI and Basque Culinary Center want: to make sure we eat good food that helps us stay healthy while also taking care of our environment.

The graduates’ projects caught the eye of experts at the Basque Culinary Center. Carlos Casillas is super good at what he does. He’s won awards for his projects that are all about using local stuff and helping the environment.

Maore Ruíz and Omar Escarra started a company called Bizio. They make special drinks using apples from the Basque Country. They’re all about using local, natural things to make delicious drinks that are good for us.

Juan Carlos García Garrido runs a restaurant called Vandelvira. He mixes food from Andalusia with cooking tricks he learned from famous kitchens worldwide. His restaurant is about using local food and new techniques to make yummy dishes.

During the event, these smart graduates showed everyone their projects and even cooked up some tasty dishes for everyone to try. Lots of important people from the food world, like producers, sellers, and media folks, were there too.

The head of the Basque Culinary Center said great things about these young talents. He said they’re the ones who will make food better in the future and help our planet. The boss of EROSKI also talked about how important it is to have new ideas that help the environment and make good food.

This award is all about saying ‘Well done!’ to these clever graduates who are changing how we think about food. It shows how everyone is working together to support these smart people who want to make a big difference in how we eat.”


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