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Epta Central North Europe Is Going Through A Rebranding Process

Epta Central North Europe, a subsidiary of Epta S.p.A. and Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, decided to change its name and look. 

The Epta name will now be used only in Germany, Poland and other countries in Central and Northern Europe. This transition will take place at the end of April 2024.

“We are excited about this change. It demonstrates our commitment to making things better for our customers,” said William Pagani, CEO of APTA Central and Northern Europe.

The move is also aimed at helping the former Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions companies better collaborate and introduce new ideas. 

With this new addition, Apta Central North Europe, which now has more than 1,600 employees and sales of more than €400 million, wants to find new green ways to support its customers.

By using only the APTA name, the company aims to make things easier for retailers such as grocers or restaurants. 

Additionally, all products and services will be brought under one roof, giving customers more options and better support.

Although the Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions name will disappear, its products will remain, carrying only the Epta name. 

And any support that customers need after purchasing these products will come from EptaService who are there to help them throughout the life of the product. For more information visit https://www.epta-centralnortheurope.com/en

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