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Emplifi Says, Brands Increasingly Turning To Instagram Reels To Gain Traction


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Emplifi Says, Brands Increasingly Turning To Instagram Reels To Gain Traction



According to a recent study conducted by Emplifi, brands are progressively turning to short-form video formats like Instagram Reels to enhance their presence on social media platforms and engage with their target audience.

Emplifi’s report, titled “Unleashing the Power of Video: Key Trends Driving Social Media Engagement,” delved into social media behavior and trends during the second quarter of the year.

The study revealed that Instagram Reels surpassed other content types on the platform, generating 55% more interactions than single-image posts and 29% more interactions than standard video posts.

In the second quarter, Instagram Reels averaged 75 median interactions per post, whereas Instagram Carousels (multi-image posts) received 74 median post interactions.

Although only 11% of all brand posts on Instagram are Reels placements, a significant 87% of brands utilized Reels at least once in the quarter. This marks a 26% year-on-year increase.

Zarnaz Arlia, Chief Marketing Officer at Emplifi, emphasized the importance of staying up to date with the ever-evolving social media landscape.

She highlighted that despite a decline in engagement on Instagram during the last quarter, the platform still provides the highest engagement rates for brands compared to Facebook and Twitter.

The study also highlighted Twitter verification, noting that the introduction of an $8 charge for Twitter Blue status led to an increase in verified accounts from 4% to 9% between April 11 and June 30.

Regarding TikTok, Emplifi’s report indicated substantial growth in user numbers. On average, brands experienced a five-fold increase in TikTok followers in the second quarter.

While TikTok showcased superior median engagement rates, Instagram Reels maintained an edge in terms of median reach, interactions, and video views.

Emplifi suggested that marketers should fully embrace various video formats, including Instagram Reels, Facebook Live Video, TikTok content, and even GIFs on Twitter.

The study emphasized the growing prominence of short-form video and encouraged brands to leverage this trend for a competitive advantage.




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