An effort for sustainable delights is launched by SPAR Austria in collaboration with a well-known chef.

November 11, 2022

An effort for sustainable delights is launched by SPAR Austria in collaboration with a well-known chef.

A campaign has been started by SPAR Austria to encourage the use of sustainably sourced goods and to support sustainable agriculture. The business is working with renowned Austrian chef Paul Ivi, who is well-known for his Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurants, on this endeavour. He will promote ethically produced, organic foods alongside SPAR. He will help the retailer by offering advice, recipes, and assistance with the creation of own-label products.

Paul Ivi provides guidance to SPAR Austria’s clients.
Among SPAR Austria’s sustainability initiatives is a focus on environmentally responsible food preparation and procurement.

Paul Ivi joining SPAR as a fellow advocate for sustainable delights gives the company great joy because he shares our commitment to social justice and the environment, according to SPAR Austria Board Director Markus Kaser.

An effort for sustainable delights is launched by SPAR Austria in collaboration with a well-known chef.

The managing director of the TIAN eateries in Munich and Vienna is Paul Ivi. The only vegetarian-vegan restaurant in Austria to have a one-star rating and four toques is TIAN. Seasonal ingredients from local organic farms are used in TIAN restaurants. He will share sustainable culinary advice on the social media platforms of SPAR Austria. He will offer culinary insights, recipes, and original ideas in the SPAR Mahlzeit! consumer magazine.

There are six pillars for sustaining pleasures.
The six pillars of SPAR Austria’s sustainability effort are reflective of the goals of environmentally friendly nutrition:

Pillar 1: Don’t waste anything; use it all up.

Even though just 1% of the food available in-store is left unsold, the merchant wants to further reduce this number. Tools for reducing food waste include working with the TooGoodToGo app platform and utilising data and AI for effective supply chain management and ordering of items.

pillar 2: wholesome surroundings for wholesome food

In order to protect healthy soils and food, SPAR Austria opposes both the use of glyphosate, a systemic herbicide with a broad range of applications, and genetic engineering. Ingenious, forward-thinking initiatives to protect biodiversity and soil health are also supported by SPAR. The business established the SPAR Bee Council and its “Saving Diversity Together” programme in 2021, offering guidance and help on ways to protect biodiversity

Third pillar: Fair production from small manufacturers

SPAR has long-standing relationships with nearby farms. This dedication is supported by a total of over 2,000 Austrian suppliers, including Frutura, Stekovics, and Stauds.

pillar 4: Local, seasonal, and indigenous

Through its regional programmes and regional horticulture to lengthen the growing season and cut down on long transport routes, SPAR Austria encourages the sourcing of local food.

Component 5: Biodynamic and organic food

Due in part to its own brand line SPAR Natur*pur, SPAR is an organic pioneer and the top food retailer for organic food in Austria. The Demeter Association and SPAR have partnered to promote the biodynamic goods of this particularly sustainable and conscientious kind of agriculture, making

Nutritional pillars 6: vegan and vegetarian

Since many years ago, a rising target market has included vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians. In Austria, every third person has a unique pattern of eating habits, including less meat consumption. The largest selection of plant-based food products in the nation is offered by SPAR, which includes 2,700 different items.

Source: SPAR Austria

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