EDEKA Wehrmann honours apprentices from Herford’s Fleisch-Star Talent.

February 24, 2023

EDEKA Wehrmann honours apprentices from Herford’s Fleisch-Star Talent


The “Fleisch-Star-Talente 2023” competition, which is organised yearly by the trade magazine Lebensmittelpraxis and presented at the LP Meat Congress on the Petersberg, was won by Nattaya Engelke, a trainee in her third year of training at EDEKA Wehrmann in Herford. In this year’s honours, she came in third. Nattaya Engelke is currently finishing two apprenticeships—one as a retail clerk and the other as a fresh produce expert. They consequently concentrate on the areas of freshness and support. She participated in the MegaAzubi, a cross-regional trainee challenge hosted by EDEKA, last year as one of the finalists.


Owner Julia Wehrmann exclaims, “Nattaya Engelke more than merits this award.” “We value her openness, reliability, and joie de vivre. She is dedicated to our team and the business at all times. She will undoubtedly carry on her successful course, I have no doubt.”