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EDEKA The topping-out ceremony for the new EDEKA campus is celebrated in Minden-Hannover 2023


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EDEKA campus New home for over 2,000 staff from twelve Minden locations


Modern office concepts as a prerequisite for flexible working

The foundation stone for the new corporate headquarters of EDEKA campus Minden-Hannover was laid in September 2021, which is over 20 months ago.

The topping-out ceremony is now held with the full shell in place.

The building site on Hahler Street has seen a lot of activity lately. The building complex’s five four-story cubes have been constructed.

The bridge connections between the different cubes and the roof structure of the main road, which unites all office buildings, are now plainly discernible.

EDEKA campus
EDEKA campus

Windows are being placed, wires are being laid, flooring are being poured and plasterboard is being stripped as the interior work is presently in full swing.

Building a new corporate headquarters demonstrates a firm commitment to the Minden community, where the cooperative was established more than a century ago.

The approximately 2,000 staff from the existing twelve locations in Minden will eventually be consolidated in one location on the 123,000 square metre property where the current primary administration building is situated.

The communication and collaboration between the many departments are made easier as a result.

Ulf-U. Plath, CEO of EDEKA Minden-Hannover, emphasises that “a modern office environment is being created here that promotes agile and innovative working and helps us as a wholesaler to successfully master all the challenges of the future.”

EDEKA campus

Technical, storage, and staff rooms are located in the basement, but contemporary office space, meeting spaces, and training facilities are planned for the top floors.

Shorter communication channels will result from the bridge connections in the new building, which will be advantageous for both individual work and the enterprise as a whole.

View of the EDEKA campus:

• 123,000 square metres of land • 50,000 square metres of rentable space for about 2,000 workers • 2,300 square metres and more than 500 chairs at the company restaurant “Grüner Wenzel”

• Energy-efficient building practises in line with KfW Energy Efficiency Standard 55

• The installation of a solar system, which will cost 1.5 million euros; • The connection to the city of Minden’s district heating network

As of now, the building site has utilised 28,000 cubic metres of concrete and 4,300 tonnes of reinforcing steel. The roof structure has around 100 steel girders, some of which are 25 metres long and ten tonnes apiece.

At any given moment, up to 450 people from more than five different countries are employed on the building site. Approximately 900 kilometres of cable, including 400 km of power cables, are also being placed.

The EDEKA Campus is a cutting-edge facility that is revolutionizing grocery retail education and innovation in Germany.

This state-of-the-art center is located in the northern city of Hamburg and serves as the hub for EDEKA, the largest supermarket chain in the country.

The EDEKA Campus is a sprawling complex that houses a variety of training facilities, including classrooms, kitchens, and mock grocery stores.

These facilities are designed to provide EDEKA employees with hands-on training in everything from customer service to food preparation and safety.

The campus also features a research and development center that is dedicated to developing new products, technologies, and strategies for the grocery retail industry.

One of the primary objectives of the EDEKA Campus is to ensure that EDEKA employees are well-trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to provide exceptional service to customers.

The center offers a range of training programs, from apprenticeships for young people just entering the workforce to specialized courses for experienced professionals.

The goal is to ensure that every EDEKA employee has the skills and knowledge they need to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience.

Another important aspect of the EDEKA Campus is its focus on innovation.

The research and development center is staffed by a team of experts who are constantly working to develop new products and technologies that can help EDEKA stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive grocery retail industry.

From new packaging solutions to innovative in-store displays, the center is dedicated to finding new and better ways to serve customers and improve the shopping experience.



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