EDEKA Schwientek-Heidelberg opens in Bremen-Farge on August 18th

August 18, 2022

Fresh, regional, modern – this is how the new EDEKA store at Farger Straße 121 will be presented from Thursday, August 18th. In the newly designed full-range retailer, the independent retailer Damian Schwientek-Heidelberg and his 30-strong store team will provide local supplies in Bremen -Color sure. Customers can look forward to a varied range and personal service.

“We are happy to be able to share our passion for food with our customers in Bremen-Farge. You will be amazed by the wide range of goods and the special atmosphere that the new store offers,” says the independent retailer, who has been active in Bremen-Lesum for over five years and already operates another EDEKA store there. A highlight of the new market is the modern and cozy design of the sales area.

Variety of offers with freshness and quality
On a sales area of ​​around 1,000 square meters, customers will find an extensive range of goods with around 12,000 items in the new EDEKA: It ranges from GUT&GÜNSTIG products at discount prices to branded items and national and international specialties. The focus throughout the store is on freshness and variety in EDEKA quality. In the large fruit and vegetable department, exotic fruits from Europe and around the world are offered alongside local and seasonal products. The already extensive range of organic and regional products as well as vegetarian and vegan items is also constantly being expanded. The EDEKA reusable nets expand the sustainability range. This enables customers to do without disposable bags when buying fruit and vegetables.

Regionality is the focus
Damian Schwientek-Heidelberg and his team attach great importance to regionality. “We deliberately work with many regional suppliers to strengthen local economic power,” explains the retailer. The numerous regional suppliers include Worpsweder Perle, Friebel Sausages, Bremen Ratskeller, Bremer Union Brewery, Schmidt-Uhlenkamp Beekeeping, Grasshoff Feinkost, and Münchhausen Coffee Roasting. Other regional products can be found in the range under the label EDEKA Heimatliebe.

Modern technology for low energy consumption
The new full-range supplier is also exemplary when it comes to environmental protection: 100% energy-saving LED lighting systems have been installed throughout the store. For a more constant temperature control, the refrigerated cabinets, which work with the natural refrigerant CO2, are closed with glass doors. The waste heat from the refrigeration systems is used to heat the market.

Local social commitment
The market team feels connected to the region and would like to show this beyond the range. With the help of a donation box, food is regularly collected, which is donated to the Nordbremer Lebenshilfe e. V. go. The store also supports other social projects, such as Friedehorst. In the future, the deposit will be donated alternately to local organizations and institutions. On the occasion of the reopening, Nordbremer Lebenshilfe e. V. 1,000 euros as a donation.