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EDEKA Minden-Hannover Lays Foundation Stone for New MARKTKAUF in Lausitz-Park


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EDEKA Minden-Hannover Lays Foundation Stone for New MARKTKAUF in Lausitz-Park

Construction work is commencing on the first phase of the major Lausitz Park project in Cottbus. EDEKA Minden-Hannover, as both an investor and the operator of MARKTKAUF, marks this milestone with the official laying of the foundation stone for the Lausitz Park’s new development. “As an investor and, importantly, as the operator of MARKTKAUF, we place great emphasis on creating an appealing shopping center with a welcoming ambiance, designed for energy efficiency and long-term success,” highlights Heino Schmidt, Expansion at EDEKA Minden-Hannover.

The new building complex, which is part of the first construction phase, will house over 20 retail stores and a spacious food court. It is being constructed on the former site of a beverage market and the former Adler fashion market. The central feature will be the new MARKTKAUF, with an integrated beverage market, covering an area of approximately 7,100 square meters. Starting in spring 2025, customers can anticipate a selection of around 65,000 items, alongside ample service counters for meat, sausage, cheese, a “fischwerker” fish counter, and a glass bakery adjacent to the baked goods service counter. Additionally, “MARKTZEIT” will offer various gastronomic options throughout the day, from breakfast choices to lunch and coffee and cake, creating a comfortable gathering place for people of all ages. The building’s mall will house a diverse range of retail and service offerings, with the aim of accommodating current tenants of Lausitz Park. The shopping center will continue to serve customers during the construction process as usual.

Incorporating Modern Technology for Energy Efficiency Heino Schmidt emphasizes, “The new Lausitz Park will be a prominent property in the German retail landscape, not only in terms of appearance and construction but also in sustainability.” The MARKTKAUF building will be heated using waste heat from refrigeration systems, a heat pump, and surface heating through concrete core activation. All lighting, both in the market and in the parking lot, will utilize LED systems. A photovoltaic system on the roof will generate part of the required electricity, with 100 percent green electricity sourced for additional needs.

The project also prioritizes eco-friendly design for outdoor areas, including the planting of more than 100 new trees and the creation of additional flower strips. A drainage system beneath the new parking spaces will manage rainwater and prevent flooding. EDEKA Minden-Hannover is also advancing e-mobility by installing multiple charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes, allowing customers to charge their vehicles.

Following the completion and opening of the MARKTKAUF building, the project will progress to the second phase, involving the demolition and reconstruction of the existing property (excluding the OBI hardware store). The entire transformation of Lausitz Park is scheduled to conclude by 2026.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover is investing approximately 100 million euros in the redevelopment of the shopping center. This substantial investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to the location and stands as the largest single investment in the history of the cooperative retail group, which spans over a century.

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