EDEKA Jung participates in a donation marathon and gives 1,000 euros to local organisations.

February 3, 2023

The EDEKA businessman Johannes Jung, who runs his own company independently, has just distributed donations totaling 1,000 euros to five organisations based in the area. The patrons chose which charitable organisation received their financial contribution and in what amount. After making a purchase with a total value of 10 euros, they were given a contribution chip at the register. They would then be able to place it inside the collection tube of their choice, which would be located on a vast wall of donation tubes. At the conclusion of the campaign, all of the donation chips were tallied up, and a victor was chosen.

The EDEKA Jung team considers their commitment to the community to be second nature. As a result, the Seelzer bread basket and the deposit donation box at the market routinely receive support from the market, which means that the market regularly helps smaller as well as larger organisations and associations from the region and further afield. In the course of the present campaign, businessman Johannes Jung has given his clients the option to determine for themselves who will receive what amount of financial support.

Customers had the opportunity to place their donation chips into the tube of their choice for a period of four weeks during the months of November and December. The day care centre Lohnder Longstockings was the recipient of the most chips and may now anticipate receiving 600 euros as a reward. Every other organisation walks away with something (and not nothing). A donation in the amount of one hundred euros was given to the judo club Nippon Lohnde, as well as the gymnastics club Lohnde, the equestrian sports club Meeresreiter, and the Association of Christian Scouts Seelze-Lohnde.