EDEKA establishes a contemporary store in the Silberhöhe urban area on March 30.

March 30, 2023

EDEKA establishes a contemporary store in the Silberhöhe urban area on March 30.

It’s finally here, after a ten-month construction phase: Tomorrow, EDEKA Minden-Hannover will make a comeback to the Silberhöhe urban region with a cutting-edge full-range retailer, ensuring long-term local supply. Since the fire in August 2020, the former EDEKA shop on Wilhelm-von-Klewiz-Straße in Halle-Silberhöhe has been closed. The new market now dazzles with a broad selection of goods, local specialities, and cutting-edge construction technology. “We are pleased to be able to reconnect with our clients in Halle-Silberhöhe and share our love of food once more. The variety of products, our service counters for meat, sausage, cheese, and baked goods, as well as the unique atmosphere that the new market provides, will astound you, says store manager Florian Sabais.

variety of fresh and high-quality deals
Customers will find a wide selection of products in the new store, which has a sales area of roughly 1,600 square meters, with over 30,000 items, ranging from GUT&GÜNSTIG products at discount prices to branded items and national and international specialties. The emphasis is placed throughout the store on freshness and variety in EDEKA quality, and the range of organic and regional products, as well as vegetarian and vegan items, is already broad and is constantly expanding.

With 22 seats inside and 34 outside, the café invites you to linger. In addition to sweet baked goods and savoury snacks, there is also a wide range of coffee specialties and breakfast options. Customers can look forward to a baked goods service counter with friendly customer service and moments of indulgence at the EDEKA store.

The emphasis is on region.
In order to strengthen local economic power, Florian Sabais and his team deliberately work with more than 15 regional suppliers, including Kathi, Halloren, NutriPur, and Dietzel. Other products can be found in the range under the label “EDEKA Heimatliebe.” The market team feels connected to the region and would like to show this beyond the range. Food donations are frequently given to local food banks.

modern construction techniques that use little energy
The new full-range supplier is also exemplary in terms of climate protection and sustainability, with surface heating in the form of so-called concrete core activation for temperature control, a heat pump that uses waste heat from refrigeration systems to heat the market, refrigerated cabinets that use natural refrigerant CO2 and glass doors to maintain a constant temperature, and a photovoltaic system that was installed.

The greening of the building’s flat roofs improves the microclimate in the direct market environment and reflects the market’s commitment to sustainability. “The green roof is an ecological alternative to conventional surfaces, creates a balance to overbuilt nature, and is therefore of great importance for nature and species protection,” emphasises Florian Sabais.