EDEKA employees support a group of helpers for mothers and children

February 8, 2023

EDEKA employees support a group of helpers for mothers and children


With their program “Cent-Spende – EDEKA Südwest Helps,” the staff of EDEKA Südwest have been demonstrating that working together, we can accomplish more for more than 10 years. They support roughly 20 social groups and campaigns annually, including the Helpers’ Circle Mother and Child eV, with the cents that follow the decimal point on their monthly pay stubs. A 2,000 euro contribution was given to him.


Since 2011, the project “Cent-Spende – EDEKA Südwest hilft” has been active. Which clubs and organizations should get the money are determined by the project participants themselves. The allocation is decided upon by a committee made up of the works council, four business representatives from each of the divisions of sustainability, human resources, legal, and corporate communications, as well as eight more employees who rotate every two years.


Ellen Kalsbach and Irene Christmann, both board members of the Helpers’ Association for Mother and Child, received the symbolic gift check from Pia Abel, EDEKA Südwest’s trainer for training and further education, and Torsten Geiler, Head of Human Resources at EDEKA Südwest. When the check was presented, Ellen Kalsbach said, “We offer mothers and kids from Freiburg and the surrounding area quick and unbureaucratic help and support in a variety of matters in an emergency. This is done, for example, in the form of clothing and accessories for kids up to six years old, with financial difficulties, or in other complicated life situations. A clear conversation frequently reveals fresh approaches.


Comprehensive treatment is given to needy women.


Donations, gifts in kind, and the joyfully donated time of volunteers enable the Helpers’ Circle Mother and Child eV to carry out its mission. The organization provides assistance to women in need in a variety of ways, including by empowering them to take care of themselves, accompanying them to authorities and offices, discussing next steps to find potential solutions, and providing clothing and other necessities in their on-site children’s clothing store.